Chapter 19: The Perfect Little Family

Shortly after  Ava was born, we celebrated Avery’s birthday. I must admit…for an old dude, he looks good. I wish he’d put some clothes on sometime though!

Actually, we celebrated all of our birthdays in the same week! So, there was Avery’s birthday, and the next day it was Ava’s birthday.

Then there was Joy’s birthday–I still think she’s too grown and too sexy!

A few days later it was my birthday–yes, of course I’m putting extra pictures of myself! Narrator privilege, thanks.

Living with my sister’s family has been a challenge for me. We all know I’m not a fan of children, so we know how difficult that part is. But the Delgado’s are soo…soo perfect! I mean, these people do everything together. It reminds me a lot of our family when we were kids. Just being honest, I think I’m a little jealous. I love Joy and Avery together. Although he’s an old man, I couldn’t have found a better man for her. And Joy has developed such a motherly way about her. She helps Ava with her homework, just like mom did, and they spend a lot of time together. She even cooks from time to time although I am the cook in the house.

You see this?! She ALWAYS has to sit next to me! Always! One morning, when her parents were still asleep, she came and joined me for breakfast, and I took the opportunity….

“Look here, little girl, let’s get one thing straight…I do not like you around me.”

“You’re soo funny uncle Donnie.”

Oh, she’s thinks I’m funny? She’ll see how “funny” I am when she goes in the playroom! Sorry, folks. I know you thought I was reformed…but I’m not!

Anyway, back to Joy and Avery. I watch them…very closely. You know what I love about them? True, their marriage is still pretty young, but what I love about them is that their love is REAL! They were best friends before they got married, and they are still best friends. He was her personal trainer before they got married, and he’s still training her. That’s comforting to me because I know now that he didn’t have an agenda when they met because he hasn’t changed at all. And with her, I now know that she was really going to the gym for herself and not to be the object of some dude’s affections because she hasn’t changed either. That is really something!

I wanted what they had. I don’t really care about having children, but I feel pressured by the Pruett Legacy. I’m really glad Joy is still around because she is going to have to help me!

Anyway, I felt it was time that I seriously started looking for a lady. I wasn’t interested in any ladies from the neighborhood. They all have their own families and legacies to deal with. I wanted someone new who would have a fresh perspective. And they typically have a lot more money than the neighbors do. Hey! Maybe I’ll make a new rule for all following legacies to follow. Yes, that’s it. I will make a formal proclamation to be passed down from generation to generation. Anyway, I went to the library, but there was no one there. Then I thought that I would go to the next town seeing as how it’s not far. I went to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar and met Mabel Maier. Va va VOOM!

I loved her. I don’t really know why, but I had never been so flirty in all my life! She’s lazy just like me, and she’s a foodie too, so I know we would make a great pair. Now, if only I could stop being so corny and carry on a real conversation with her….


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