Chapter 20: Uh Oh – Part I

“Joy…I gotta tell you something.”

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“What’s up, little bro? And why are we whispering in the bathroom?”

10-05-14_6-59 PM

“Stop acting silly. This is serious! I need your help.”

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“You need my help? This must be serious. Do tell.”

“Well…you see…I’m…what had happened was–”

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“Spit it out, Donnie, geez!”

“All right, all right. Well, remember when I brought Mabel by a few months ago? The day before the party? Well, you probably already knew that she spent the night. We didn’t do anything though. I was just enjoying her company so much, and I wanted to get serious with her, so I asked her to be my girlfriend.”

10-05-14_1-49 PM

10-05-14_6-58 PM

“Oh yay! That’s great news!”

10-05-14_6-59 PM

“No! No, it’s not.”

“Ummm…she sounds like a good match for you…why isn’t it great?”

“Just shut up and let me finish the story!”

“Tuh! This story must be reeeeeally good.”

“Anyway! So, the next night was the dinner party. I invited the usual crew: Mabel, Grant, Adalyn, Bravo, Tylor, and some other people I had met at the bar.

10-05-14_2-11 PM

After you all went to sleep, and all the other guests went home, Adalyn stuck around. So I cleaned up and ate something, but she was still around. So we started talking.

10-05-14_2-23 PM

She reminded me so much of Mabel. She was a lazy foodie too, but I thought that she was straight up gorgeous! She was dancing the whole time, and so I decided to sit down and chill out for a minute from being on my feet the whole night. I watched her dance. Joy, this woman danced like no one I had ever seen before! The way that her hips moved to the music…I felt like I was being hypnotized!

10-05-14_2-25 PM

“I don’t know if she was trying to cast a spell on me, but she took me hook, line, and sinker! The entire night I watched her danced and flirted with her knowing good and well that I had a girlfriend. I was sorry, but I was overtaken by her beauty. I wanted her so bad, and I had to have her right then and there. It was extremely late, and you guys had already gotten up and was getting ready for the day. I jumped up and I kissed her. I didn’t know what came over me!”

10-05-14_2-27 PM

“I thought she was going to smack me in the face, but she like it. It’s funny. I first met her at the gym shortly after I graduated high school, but I didn’t give her a second thought. And now I was all over her.”

10-05-14_2-29 PM

“She knew what was up, and she wanted it as much as I did. She looked at me and said, ‘Are you sure about this? What about your girlfriend?'”

10-05-14_2-29 PM-2

“I said, ‘Right now, YOU’RE my girlfriend.’ And that was all she wrote. There was nothing stopping us.”

10-05-14_2-31 PM

“We tried to make it upstairs, but things were just happening too fast, so…”

10-05-14_2-32 PM

10-05-14_6-57 PM

“[gasp] You woo hooed with her in MY bed?! DONNIE!!!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I…I couldn’t think straight. She was all inside my head! Things were going too fast! I’m sorry!”

“Ok, ok, fine. I see where this is going. Is that all?”


“Oh, Donnie! Come on! Ok…go ahead.”

“That was my first time, and it’s like she opened up Pandora’s box! I thought about her ALL the time. I called her. I texted her. But that wasn’t enough. I had to see her again. So, I invited her over again…”10-05-14_3-03 PM“…and again…”

10-05-14_3-05 PM

“…and again…”

10-05-14_3-07 PM

“…and again…tell Avery I’m sorry too!”

10-05-14_6-19 PM

“Donnie!! Ok, I get it. You’re in love with this girl and you’re in love with Mabel. It’s ok! Just pick one!”

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“It’s not that simple!”

“Of course it is!”

“But it isn’t!”

“Well why not?!”

“Because…well…you see…”

“Oh my goodness…please don’t tell me that–”

“She’s pregnant!”

10-05-14_6-57 PM-3

“OH MY GOODNESS! Are you serious? That’s great!”

“You know it’s not great! It’s great for you! It’s great for her! It’s great for everyone except me!”

10-05-14_6-53 PM

“But Donnie, I thought you were coming around to the idea of having a child…a son!”

“It’s a roller coaster, Joy! Some days I’m cool with it, and other days I’m not. MOST days I’m not. When she told me, it was NOT one of those days!”

“I understand, and I know I can’t change your mind about it. You already know what I’m going to suggest, so what is it that you want from me?”

“I…(sigh)…I don’t know. I guess I just needed to tell someone. I’ll figure it out.”

“Ok. Well, you know I’m always here, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I love you, little prince.”

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