Chapter 21: Uh Oh – Part II

I know that I have issues. But I also know that I need people to help me work out my issues. I’m not too stubborn to think that I can handle things on my own. So, I did something that shocked everyone–including myself. I asked Adalyn to move in with me. Well, actually, probably the only one that was shocked was me because she was already part of the family as much as I had her over. I needed her much more than she needed me. I was only away from her for one night, and I was just not myself. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. I needed her in my life. I knew what I needed to do.

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“Adalyn, I know you’ve only been living her for like ten minutes, and you haven’t even unpacked your suitcases yet, but I love you and I can’t stand to be away from you. Would you do me the greatest honor and be my wife?”

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“[gasp] Donnie! It’s beautiful! Of course I will!”

10-05-14_6-22 PM

“I love you soo much.”

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“OMG! I can’t believe I’m going to be a Pruett!”

A few hours later, it hit me. I have everything I’m supposed to have: a woman, a house, and hopefully a son on the way. Why should we have to wait and spend money on a party when we could just get married right here, right now?

10-05-14_7-11 PM

“My dearest Adalyn, I know you wanted the fancy dress, party, and a bunch of people, but we already have what everyone thinks we we’re supposed to show them at a wedding. Let’s elope and just get on with our lives.”

“I must admit, I always wanted a big, fairy tale wedding. But, Donnie, with this baby…you’ve given me more than I could have ever dreamed. You don’t owe me anything.”

“Ok then. Let’s do this.

10-05-14_7-11 PM-3

Several hours later, I was preparing dinner for everyone When I heard a knock on the door. I was wrist deep in some sea bass, so I asked Adalyn to get the door. Naturally, she was sitting right there watching TV.

10-05-14_7-52 PM

“Hi! Can I help you?”

“Yes. Tell Donovan that Mabel is here to see him.”

“Mabel! Ok. Wait right here. I’ll go get him.”

Adalyn dashed back in the house looking quite frantic. I tried to calm her down and see what was the matter.

10-05-14_7-56 PM

“Mabel is here! Your girlfriend is HERE!”

“She’s HERE?”

“She’s outside on the front porch, man! What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know!”

“Well, haven’t you talked to her?”

“No. I actually haven’t spoken to her since the party.”

“The party?! Donovan, that was months ago! Seriously?”

“I’m sorry, babe. Honestly, once we got together I never thought about her again. Maybe I thought she would just fade away.”

“Fade away? People don’t just fade away, Donovan! If I had a boyfriend that I hadn’t spoken to in three months, I would show up at his house too!”

“Ok, ok! I get it. I’ll talk to her.”

“Thank you! Now let her in. And make sure you tell her who I am!”

10-05-14_7-57 PM

I wish I would have never opened that door! She came in and completely disregarded Adalyn. She started talking to me as if we had been together the night before. She didn’t even ask me how I was doing or why I hadn’t called! I didn’t appreciate her flirting in front of my wife…hmmmm. It didn’t occur to me when I married Adalyn that I would have a wife and a girlfriend. Surprisingly though, Adalyn was cool as a cucumber. She watched the flirting and she wasn’t phased by it at all. Then, I realized that I never actually dealt with my feelings for Mabel. As a matter of fact, our relationship never ended. I just started a new relationship with a different person! I was in love with both of them, but I didn’t want to discuss that in front of Adalyn, so I asked Mabel to come upstairs so we could speak in private. After a few minutes, I realized that was not a good move at all. Things didn’t go as well as I planned.

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