Chapter 26: Recovery Road

Our family needed a LOT of help after the sudden deaths of Adalyn and Avery, but especially Adalyn. I mean, Avery was very old, and we knew his time was approaching. We just didn’t know when. But Adalyn…she was still young! It still hurts.

We all went through months and months and months of much needed grief counseling. Well, actually I’m still in therapy right now. It’s not the grief that cripples me now–it’s the guilt and shame. I needed someone to help me figure out why I’m such a screw up.

Now it’s back to Joy and me and our kids. It’s funny how life turns out sometimes. We’re all just taking life as it comes, one day at a time. Quite a few years have gone by since we last spoke. Here is what has happened:

Thaddeus and Aiden were as close as brothers could get. He came by the house every day it seemed like. It was really nice for Aiden to have someone to divert his attention from mourning his mother. Thaddeus loved being at our house. It think it was probably the family environment that intrigued him more than anything. He even said a few times that he wished he could stay with us. But one day, he and Mabel were gone! Their emails bounced back, phones disconnected…they just disappeared! And I was just getting used to the idea of having two sons! Wherever Mabel moved them to, I hope they are well, safe, and happy.

Joy and I both had our elder birthdays…

10-11-14_4-02 PM

Ava is now a beautiful young woman…


And Aiden has turned out to be a surprisingly very confident and stylish young man.

teen aiden

Although I keep wishing our lives would have turned out differently, one thing I wouldn’t change is having Ava and Aiden grow up together. Neither have siblings, and although there is a significant age difference, I have always enjoyed watching them grow not only as cousins, but also as best friends.

10-11-14_4-55 PM Everyone has healed quite nicely from our tragedies, but I am still concerned about Joy. She has a friend that she met long before Avery died, and he’s been coming around more often since.

10-11-14_3-52 PM

Honestly, I kinda like the man, and I think it’s healthy for her to have someone else to talk to. Everyone knows that he likes her, but she can’t see it–or maybe she’s not ready to acknowledge it. I mean, the guy COMES to the house in a flirty mood! I guess she’s not ready yet. But what concerns me is the things that she’s been saying lately. She’s been talking about Avery more and more, but not grief talk. She speaks of him as if she had RECENTLY been in contact with him. I’m not sure if ghosts are real or not, but I’m having a hard time believing this story.

10-11-14_5-44 PM-2

As a matter of fact, when we were kids, I remember her telling me that she had a conversation with mom after she passed. Maybe ghosts are real, and maybe they’re not. How come they only show themselves to one person? The SAME person? Anyway, she’s been saying really strange things about how it was nice to be in his arms again and talking about how soft his lips are. His lips?! Uhh…girlfriend…you have a LIVE man fawning after you who would LOVE to have you in his arms and show you how soft HIS lips are, and you go for the dead guy?? How does that even add up?

10-11-14_5-48 PM

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 26: Recovery Road”

    • Thanks! I know all these chapters are one story, but I like for the stories to intertwine with each other and refer back to each to make it feel like it really is one story.

  • I guess Joy sees the ghosts. I’m really sad about Mabel and Thaddeus. Too bad you can’t go back to an old save and bring them back. 🙁 I seem to save often and back up (like Ramsey 1, then Ramsey 2, etc). Anyway, I’m sad. Donnie & Joy are getting old so quickly. I will say everything goes much quicker in Sims 4. I’m not sure I like it. :/

  • I’ve experienced the vanishing townies in my game too. It’s as if there’s a time limit on how long sims are allowed to know each other. Weird.

    It’s nice to see Avery again even if he is a ghost.

    • I didn’t know this at the time, but that was a result of culling. It’s not a time limit, but more like population control. It’s really stupid! But, I suppose in this situation, it worked out well for me lol.

          • Yeah, I did it twice with a sim. The sim he messed with had the child and if he was lucky, he’d get to see the child once. But on the next visit the child would be dead. And it would be stated on the family tree. Sad.

          • OH! Ok, that’s what you mean. I thought you meant like YOUR Sim having a baby on vacation…which isn’t even possible lol. I had a Sim have a few children in different countries. They didn’t die, but whenever he went back to see them, they acted like he was a stranger and would always say he was behaving badly and needed to leave LOL.

          • Yeah I had that happen and that would be the first and last time the sim would see the kid. That’s why I just move the foreigners into the neighborhood.

          • One of my travelers had a baby with Layla Lufti. He had the “get married” whim, so I was like, “Yeah? Okaaaaay!” So I had him get married to her and move her and the kid in. She was boring, and I didn’t like her much. And the kids weren’t cute either lol.

          • Yes, my sim had a baby with her but I don’t recall him wishing to marry her though. The had a kid that ended up dead after first meeting him. She was very boring but very pretty.

  • How sad to learn that Mabel and Taddeus are gone. I’m assuming they got culled? When I first played the Sims 4, I got used to the townie population I got and one day, those townies were gone and i got a new set! I was so disappointed when that happened because my Sims had some relationships with those townies. Thank god I have MC Command Center. That way, Sim culling can no longer happen.

    • Yeah, they got culled. I didn’t know anything about that back then and thought I messed up somehow! I have that mod now too, but before I got it, I learned to move the townies I like into houses if I want to keep them around.

  • Oh no Mable and Thaddeus!!!! *shakes fist* Damn you culling!!!!

    I’m so sad for Joy right now. I loved Avery!! I do love though that she’s able to interact (if ghosts are real in this story world and she’s not just going crazy due to missing him that is!)

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