Chapter 28: It’s Still Pouring

The next day, shortly after I got home from work, I heard mom call for me from the porch.

10-12-14_6-37 PM

“Ava! Ava, darling, please come quickly.”

“Yes, mom?”

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“MOM!!!  Please, God, not now! Not now!! MOM!!!”

“Ava, baby, please…calm down and listen to me,” she said with a shallow breathy voice. “Take care of the flowers. They’ve been around for three generations and they are very valuable. They pay for this house!”

“Yes, mom.”

She took a few difficult breaths and continued.

“I know you’re grown, and you want your own place, but stay here. Aiden is going to need you.”

“What about uncle Donnie?”

“You can move out once Aiden gets himself established,” she said going in and out of consciousness. “Hopefully when he gets married!”

10-12-14_6-40 PM

“Mom? Mom?? MOM!!!  Nooooo!”

“I’m baaaaack,” Grim said.

10-12-14_6-41 PM-3


“No can do kiddo.”

That ruthless bastard just took my mom!!

To make matters worse, the very next morning, we found uncle Donnie in his room.

10-12-14_7-06 PM

Our family is cursed!!!

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