Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough

I tried to have a focused conversation with Stella, but we were both in such a silly mood, all we wanted to do was dance!

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We danced for a little while, but then it was getting late, so I suggested a change of venue. What better place to get serious than the library? We sat down and had a serious discussion about…everything!

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I started things off by bringing up her gloominess. To my surprised, she completely opened up about it!  [quick author interjection…I wish their thought bubbles showed on camera, because he really did mention gloominess and she responded…at least it was the icon for the gloominess trait LOL] She said that she had been suffering from depression ever since her mom died when she was 13. I felt so deeply for her in that moment, but at the same time I felt like such an idiot for walking out on my own mother like an idiot. She said her depression was starting to be manageable, and she had been a much happier person since meeting me! Wow! As she was telling that, I started to think back on all my interactions with her. Come to think about it, she was always extra nice and flirting with me!

I get so antsy after sitting down for so long, so I asked her if she minded if I did some push-ups while she talked. Of course she didn’t mind because she was staring at my butt the whole time!

09-15-14_9-49 PM

We talked late into the night about our childhoods, favorite foods, hopes and dreams, and I had a very good feeling about her. I started out by telling her that she was my best friend in the world, and she meant everything to me. I think that took her by surprise, but in a good way.

09-15-14_9-51 PM

Then I told her that what we had was special, and it should be given a title. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she happily said yes!

09-15-14_9-53 PM

Over the next few days of hanging out with Stella, I noticed that our conversation had put her at ease and made her more comfortable around me. She had her feelings all pinned up inside, and I gave her the power to set them free. I found her to be even more caring than I already knew her to be. She doted on me night and day and just made me feel so special and loved.

09-15-14_10-00 PM

It’s funny. Because of my shallowness (and I was also judgmental), I never gave a serious relationship with her any thought. Who would have thought I had what I wanted in my hand the entire time!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I know exactly what I’m going to wish for.

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough”

  • I’m not sure why no one comments. I love it when people comment on my stories. Hehe.

    I loved your interjection of the gloomy thoughts. That is funny!

    I hope he can continue to make her gloom disappate. Serious = library hehe I guess it worked, though.

    • I love comments too! I think people were just a bit gun shy at first, but you’ll see some comments later. Thanks taking the time to do it! 🙂

  • I totally agree about the thought bubbles: they really are amazing a lot of the time, and I don’t include them in pictures to make it look “better” but I’ve started making notes about them sometimes because the sims thought processes they show are so cool.

  • Haha!! I loved that she didn’t mind him doing push-ups because she was staring at his butt the whole time!!

    I used to screencap in a different way at the start of my legacy so you could see the thought bubbles but Amanda recommending the “tab mode” to really get up in there for the shots has made that a thing of the past.

    I love tab mode far too much to ever go back to worrying about thought bubbles.

    I love the way you incorporated Stella’s gloomy into the story in such a believable way. These too are sooo cute. ♥️

    • Awww man, tab mode is the best! I was so late to the tab party lol. I didn’t learn about it until like gen 6 LOL. This was my first legacy and simlit, so these beginning gens pictures were so horrible with the walls down. I love to see how my “photography” and writing progresses throughout this story!

  • I love this – these two are so sweet! Stella’s backstory was so heartfelt and believable, and it was a great way to explain her gloomy trait. I’m so happy that she trusted Xavier enough to open up to him and that he cheers her up.

    (Also, I totally agree with you there about the thought bubbles! It’s good if you want an immersive story, but I do enjoy capturing what they’re thinking about! Would be nice to have the option to toggle them on or off somewhere.)

  • Sims… Sometimes they just give you everything you need for your story, even if it means talking about gloominess. 🙂
    It’s weird how well they suit each other. I actually find it weird all the time when an heir finds their significant other. It’s that certain something between them you can just feel even as a reader.

    • Right?! LOL I love using things that happened in the game in my stories. I was writing this when the game first came out, this was my first legacy, AND my first SimLit ever so I was learning how to play and figuring out this writing and legacy all at the same time. The thought bubble was a nice hint lol. I love it when you can feel that certain something between them! It’s the best. Not all of them will, but most of them.

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