Chapter 31: Beautiful Love

Aiden and Dulce arrived home around 3:30 on Saturday morning. Dulce was tuckered out and went straight upstairs to bed, but Aiden was too excited and had to share his news with his best friend. As he was running to her room to wake her up, she was running out to meet him. She too was excited about her news and couldn’t wait to tell him. They ran into each other in the hallway.

10-14-14_5-31 PM

“I gotta tell you something,” they said at the same time. “Ok, you first!”

They both shared a laugh over their inability to coordinate their speech.

“No, really, you go first,” Ava said.

Aiden barely let the words exit her mouth before he blurted out…


“What? You and who??”

10-14-14_5-32 PM-2

“Dulce, silly!”

“Oh! I thought you didn’t really like her that much.”

“I didn’t, but I really missed her when we couldn’t be together. I didn’t really plan it…it just happened!”

“Ok. Well, I’m sure it will work out fine. Congrats, buddy!”

10-14-14_5-32 PM-3

“Thanks! So what’s your news?”

“I’m getting married tomorrow! Well, later today rather.”

“Sweet! You and Jaxson make a nice couple. Congrats, cuz!”

10-14-14_5-34 PM

10-14-14_5-31 PM-2

Both the excited lovebirds finally went to sleep, but Ava didn’t sleep long. She had lots of planning to do, but first she had to get her morning run in. A few minutes into the run, Dulce woke up and went to greet her.

10-14-14_5-39 PM

“Good morning! I bet you’re surprised to see me here.”

“Hi! I hear congratulations are in order.”

“Thank you! It was all so sudden.”

“Hey…things work out that way sometimes. Welcome to the family, girl!”

Ava finished her run and called Jaxson over to begin planning. Meanwhile, Aiden had gotten up and began writing his fifth book. Dulce came into the office to see him after waking up several hours before him.

10-14-14_5-43 PM

“Good morning, my fine, cuddly husband.”

“Heeey, what’s goin on, wifey! Did Ava tell you she’s getting married today?”

10-14-14_5-45 PM

“No! Really? That’s so great!”

“Yep. I guess she didn’t want to steal your thunder.”

Jaxson arrived, and Aiden let him in.

“Hey, congratulations, man. I’m very happy for you and my cousin.”

10-14-14_5-49 PM

“Thanks, man. I heard you got married too! Congrats! I guess love is in the air.”

10-14-14_5-49 PM-2

“Yeah, something like that. Let me go and grab Ava for you.”

Aiden went to Ava’s room to let her know that Jaxson was waiting. She was a nervous wreck! Although Jaxson told her that he would do all of the planning, she couldn’t help but work herself into a tizzy. But when she walked into the living room and saw him, all of her anxiety just melted away.

10-14-14_5-52 PM

“Hey, baby! Can you believe it? Today is the day! I’m going to be your wife!”

“And a very beautiful one at that.”

“Oh, Jaxson. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I know what you CAN do. Stop running around like a mad woman! I said I had everything under control. It’s all planned! We can go right now if you wanted to.”

“You’re such a dear!”

Meanwhile, Dulce was trying out her culinary aspirations in the kitchen. She thought it would be a nice gesture to bake the newly weds a wedding cake.

10-14-14_5-53 PM

Things started out a little shaky and she had more batter on the counter than she did in the bowl, but in the end she came out with a high quality product thanks to Donovan’s flavorized stove.

10-14-14_5-54 PM

“Dulce! You didn’t have to do this! It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. It’s the least I could do being new to the family and all.”

“I really appreciate this.”

Within two hours, everyone was ready to head to The Chapel for the ceremony. It was a fairly new venue, and Jaxson was able to book it last minute for a very good price. Before everyone went inside, Ava took a few minutes to reflect.

10-14-14_5-58 PM

“Mom? Dad? Can you see me from up there? I wish you were here.”

10-14-14_5-58 PM-2

Of course, everyone headed for the bar when it was time to go inside. Ava was very happy with the venue because it was the perfect size and was the perfect environment for her dream wedding.

10-14-14_6-07 PM

10-14-14_6-09 PM

10-14-14_6-01 PM

Before the ceremony, Ava felt herself getting a little emotional and needed to be alone, so she went outside to look at the wedding arch.

10-14-14_6-13 PM

“(sigh)So…this is it, huh? This is where it all goes down.”

Aiden saw her from the bar and decided to make sure she was ok.

10-14-14_6-14 PM

“Hey there. I was just, ummm…,” she trailed off.

“I know,” Aiden said confidently but comforting. “I wish they were here too.”


It was a bittersweet moment as the two cousins sat silently supporting each other through an unspoken difficulty.

“I’m really glad you came over here,” she said trying to hold back tears.

“Dude, you’re like my sister. Of course I would check on you. I’m the only one that knows what’s up.”

They sat in silence for a few more minutes before Aiden suggested that she got back to her guests.

10-14-14_6-06 PM-2

In no time at all, the ceremony was over, and Ava Delgado was now Mrs. Jaxson Broussard.

10-14-14_6-19 PM-2

10-14-14_6-20 PM

10-14-14_6-22 PM

10-14-14_6-23 PM

The party was a perfect ten. Everyone went home happy, and Ava could not have asked for a happier night. But, of course, this was only the beginning of her night as she would be much happier later on.

10-14-14_6-32 PM

“Thank you for the most perfect wedding, Jaxson.”

“I would do anything for you, Mrs. Broussard.”

“Hey…you know what we get to do now?”

10-14-14_6-35 PM-2

10-14-14_6-36 PM

Jaxson and Ava were very proud that they had successfully honored their commitment to no woo hoo until marriage. Their first time together was without comparison, suspicion, or competition. It was just pure, unadulterated, beautiful love!



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