Chapter 32: It’s the End of the World As We Know It

It’s funny how life works out. Aiden is my cousin, and we both grew up without siblings. All we had was each other. We still live together, we got married practically at the same time, and shortly after both of our honeymoon nights, me and his wife made the same discovery.

With our new relationships and babies in the picture, all four of us decided that it was time that we remodeled the house. Aiden and I wanted to do it more so that it wouldn’t remind us of our parents–especially since we were now sleeping in their rooms. I got a completely new bedroom while Aiden just recolored his.

10-14-14_7-12 PM-3

10-14-14_7-40 PM

10-14-14_7-43 PM

He also got a new bathrom.

10-14-14_7-40 PM-2

We also expanded the downstairs office just a tad to make room for a den! We turned the old family room into a formal living room (or sitting room as some people say) by taking out the TV and adding more seating.

10-14-14_7-38 PM

10-14-14_7-37 PM

10-14-14_7-39 PM

10-14-14_8-20 PM

We also added two more bassinets in nursery. We should only need two, but as big as I am in my FIRST trimester…who knows what we’ll need!!

10-14-14_7-44 PM

Just as Aiden and I had done everything together–and still are–his wife and I were now on the same journey.

10-14-14_6-54 PM

We grew…10-14-14_8-15 PM

And ached…

10-14-14_8-31 PM

And barfed…

10-14-14_8-13 PM

And comforted ourselves…

10-14-14_8-30 PM

And grew…

10-14-14_8-14 PM

And ached some more.

10-14-14_8-45 PM

Finally, it was go time! Jaxson had already left for work, and Aiden was still asleep upstairs so we decided to handle things on our own–together!

10-14-14_8-57 PM

“Here we go, Ava! This is going to be great,” Dulce exclaimed.

“Ugh! Why are you ALWAYS soo cheerful? Get out of my face and start pushing,” I barked.

Yep. Pregnancy sure did a number on me! I don’t think I’ve ever snapped at anyone in my life! Ever!

10-14-14_8-59 PM

We manned our battle stations and waged war, forcing out the enemy…I mean…our precious babies!

10-14-14_9-01 PM

10-14-14_9-02 PM

“I’m sorry I barked at you earlier. I don’t know about you, but I think I may be done with this for a while…maybe forever!”

“Aww, really? It wasn’t that bad! I’m definitely doing it again.”

When the men became available, we introduced them to the children and went to sleep.

10-14-14_9-05 PM

“Hey there, little Jasmine! Aren’t you the cutest baby in the entire world? Oh yes you are…no offense to your little cuzzo back there, but I’m just sayin!”

10-14-14_9-06 PM-2

“Oh yeah! I did that thing, girl. I did all of that!”

“Excuse me? You had FUN for ONE night! That’s ALL you did, sir! Don’t get it twisted.”

“Whatever, Dee. You just mad because little Jazzy is gonna look just like me and have all of my goodness! ALL our kids are going to look just like me!”

“You’re delusional, Aiden.”

10-14-14_9-06 PM

“Man…I’m a father! I can’t believe it. I wish my parents were here right now….”

10-14-14_9-14 PM

“Hey there, Mr. Cory! I must say you are indeed the handsomest baby in the world…no offense to your cousin across the room, but I’m just saying!”

Chapter 33: Jazzy

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