Chapter 35: The End of the Road

The house was soo busy with the two families under one roof looking after two kids and expecting another that we overlooked Ava’s birthday! She was a little sad, but it wasn’t anything that a little shop therapy couldn’t sure. She wanted to change her look to be more “conservative” since becoming a mother, and she wanted to reward herself for her weight loss. She looks great! So Jaxson took her to get a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle, and then for a family outing at the park. All was well with the world! That brother has got skills! He sure knows how to keep his woman happy.

10-16-14_5-52 PM

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Jazzy is going to be a great big sister, and she has been so great about the baby. You never quite know how a child will react to no longer being the center of the universe. I think she is the most excited out of all of us!

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Dee’s water broke in the middle of the night. I must admit to being a bit nervous seeing as how my wife did not involve me last time. Let’s just say I panicked…just a little. But, I got her to the hospital in one piece.

10-16-14_7-10 PM

10-16-14_7-14 PM

We went to the hospital and came out with not one, but two babies! Identical twins!! First there was Jayla and then came Jayden. I was so proud.

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The next few days were busy, but nothing we couldn’t handle between four adults. I never imagined life would be any other way until the conversation with Jaxson.

10-16-14_7-30 PM

“Hey man! Congrats on the twins! Three kids, huh?”

“I know, right! I love it. I never thought much about being a father, but this has been the most rewarding experience of my life!”

“I know the feeling. So, listen, Aiden…I wanted to talk to you about something before I bring it up to Ava.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, to be honest, she’s not going to like it much. I think that it may be time for us to get our own place.”

10-16-14_7-31 PM

“Why would you think that? We have plenty of room here.”

“I knew you were going to say that, but when the twins grow up, you’re definitely going to need some more room.”

“Oh…yeah, I hadn’t thought of that. Well, hey…we’ve got the flowers, we’re all getting promotions, and I’m up to almost 1000 simoleons a day in book royalties, so why don’t we just add on to the house?”

“Look, Aiden, I really appreciate how you guys have welcomed me into the family and all, but here’s the real deal. I had my own house before I married Ava, and I was doing quite well for myself. I moved in here because it’s what she wanted. But I never intended to stay here this long. Every king needs his own castle, and honestly…I don’t feel comfortable or very manly raising my son in another man’s house. You feel me?”

“Yeah, I get it. Wow. Look, I’m sorry if we made you feel pressured or anything. I know we have our way of doing things in our family. I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“It’s all good. Timing is everything, and I think this is the perfect time for us to break away.”

“Ava is still my best friend, and I’m going to miss having you guys here. But I don’t want to keep you if you don’t want to stay. When are you gonna talk to her?”

“I’ll hit her up tonight after her workout.”

“Good luck. You’re right…she’s not gonna like it.”

That night, after Ava worked out and had her dinner, Jaxson made his move while she was winding down with a little private dance party…yes, I was eavesdropping the entire time! Don’t judge me.

10-16-14_7-49 PM

“Sweetheart…can we talk?”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Let’s go in the kitchen.”

“Ok…is everything all right?”

“Let’s sit.”

10-16-14_7-56 PM“Now you’re scaring me. What is it, Jaxson?”

“All right…I’m just gonna get straight to it. It’s time for us to start our own lives, Ava. I say we move back into my house over in Oasis Springs. It’s small, but there’s enough room for the three of us. I say we should move while Cory is in school so he doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

10-16-14_7-57 PM-2

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA! What are you talking about?! We’re not going anywhere! Why would we do that? This is my home! My life is here!”

“Look, baby, I understand. You grew up here, you lost your parents here…you have very strong connections. I get it, and I do not diminish your attachments in the least. But you’re married to me now, and I want for our little family to be together in our own little house with our own traditions and our own lives!”

“But, Jaxson–”

“Ava, we’re not going to be able to live here forever! This is Aiden’s house. And Aiden has his own family now. Once those twins grow up, where are they going to sleep? Sweetheart…we are in the way! And what if they decide to have more children? We can’t expect them to just keep adding onto the house to make room for them when we can just get out of their way. It’s not fair. It’s time for us to be the king and queen of our own castle.”

10-16-14_7-58 PM

“(sigh) Maybe you’re right.”

“I know I am.”

“I need to talk to Aiden.”

“Go ahead. Take your time.”

10-16-14_8-10 PM

“Hey. So, I guess you know Jaxson wants to move.”

“Yeah. He came to me this morning.”

“I wonder if my father felt the same way living here in your dad’s house.”

“I dunno. Maybe. I thought we would always be together, but Jaxson has a point. I’m the one who has to carry on the legacy, not you. You have to carry on the Broussard legacy.”

“You’re right. I think because of how we were raised and the things that happened, I always thought of myself as a Pruett. The truth is I’ve never been a Pruett. I was a Delgado! I mean, who are they?”

10-16-14_8-10 PM-2

“You’ll always be a Pruett to me.”


“So, when do you guys leave?”

“In the morning after the kids get on the bus.”

10-16-14_8-10 PM-3

“Ok. I’m going to miss you.”

“Me too. I mean…we’ll be back. It’s not like we’re moving to another country. Besides, we can’t keep those kids apart.”

“I know that’s right!”

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  • Happy. Sad. Ah! I’m happy that they’re moving out and doing their own thing, but it’s hard to split apart the family. I dread the day I might have to move London out of the Skinner house. But also…twins!!! Ah! How did that happen? Did you have the fertility trait for either one of them? I got twins once in a game I played before this one without the fertility trait and I’ve been dying to make it happen again.
    Congrats to them! And goodbye to Ava and her family. They will be missed!

    • Yeah, it was hard for me do, and at first I was sad, but now that everyone is grown, I don’t have time to miss them lol. Twins seem to happen a lot naturally in this game! I didn’t use anything, and back before my game blew up, I had quite a few instances of twins. You may very well get them! It’s not rare anymore.

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by. A Broussard legacy would definitely be a lot of fun and make us all feel happy–especially me lol–but, I’m not going to be able to keep up with them. I’m currently working on chapter 40, and boy oh boy is the Pruett house BUSY!! I would have the time to work on two legacies at once! Luckily the Broussards still come by the house often, and I always see them around town, so they’re not gone forever 🙂

  • Well, I saw the chapter title for the next one and had to read it. I was super worried someone died, but whew, thankfully, that didn’t happen. Anyway, now I’m done. Excellent chapter! 😀

  • Awwww the cousins being separated!! Though I get Ava wondering about her Dad and the Pruett legacy and her being a Delgado and now a Broussard.

    So sad to see Ava go though. I think Jaxson did a great job broaching the subject.

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