Chapter 4: I Hate My Life

I decided to throw a birthday party for myself and invite the few people I know. It was so nice having Stella there, acting as the lady of the house. I made sure that I paid extra attention to her to show her that I saw everything she did and I appreciated it.

09-16-14_7-01 PM

The next night, I invited her to the park for another important conversation.

09-16-14_7-21 PM-2

She was so shocked and happy. I don’t even have to tell you what she said.

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All night I couldn’t sleep. I was super excited about the engagement and kept imagining what our new life together would be like. I thought about how many kids we would have, what kind of father I would be, etc. Life, at that moment, could not have been any better.

The next day before I had a chance to call Stella, she came by the house. I was so excited to see her until I saw a very serious look on her face. My heart was in my throat as I braced myself for what she was about to tell me. She told me that she was not able to have children, and she was terribly sorry she had not brought it up sooner.

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I was devastated! I was speechless. I was…not having it!

“STELLA!!!! Why are you just now telling me this? What about that night in the library when we told each other everything about us? Did that mean anything to you? You didn’t think that was a good time?”

“Of course I did, but I just didn’t know how to say it! I knew children was very important to you, and I didn’t want to break your heart.”

“BREAK MY HEART?! My heart is broken NOW! So it’s ok to break my heart the morning of our wedding? Is that what your plan was? Were you trying to trap me?”

“No, Xavier! I swear! I love you!”

“I loved you too Stella! I was going to give you EVERYTHING, and you were just going to let me do it and not get anything in return!”


“Yeah! Was…as in not anymore!”

“Xavier!!! Please!”

09-16-14_7-33 PM

I hated to see her cry. Even though I was extremely upset, I still loved her. For a split second I thought about making it work, but I knew in the long run I would not be happy with no children. I called off the wedding, but some kind of way she felt she had the right to be angry about it! How does that work? I bought this ring. I proposed. I was deceived, but she’s mad? Trifling! However, I chose to be the bigger person and asked for forgiveness. We may no longer be in a relationship, but she is still currently my best friend, and I wouldn’t want to lose that.

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It took me some time to get over that situation. And if I was honest, I never stopped loving her! Looking back, I know I didn’t give myself enough time to heal. I got right back out there meeting people the next day.

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09-16-14_8-22 PM

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Now that I’m back on the market, I completely stand by my original statement that there was something wrong with everyone woman in this town! I’m not sure if I was different or if I was still stuck on Stella, but I was having a hard time this time around. NO woman was right for me! I compared them all to Stella, and none of them were her. I even thought that I could marry her and be happy, and then when she died I would marry someone else much younger than me and have kids at the end of my life–that’s still an option!

The woman I’m with now finished breaking my heart. I think she’s just one of those women who like to play games. She liked my company, and she liked it when I showed her interest, but whenever I tried to get serious with her she blocked me. It took me a loooong time to even get her to be my girlfriend. After she finally accepted, I thought she might be keen on getting engaged, so I asked her to marry me…TWICE!! (not in the same day) She shot me down both times.

09-16-14_9-59 PM

I’m getting old, and time was escaping me! As a matter of fact, all the women I used to talk to are old now, so it’s not even worth rekindling old flames. I came to be very cynical. It was hard for me to believe that there was anyone honest out there for me. I poured myself into my work to ease the pain. I made it so that I was busy from morning ’til night so I wouldn’t have the time to even consider my situation and get sad all over again. Between caring for my precious lilies, doing freelance work, and doing projects for work, I didn’t have the time to entertain love. I hated my life so much.

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 4: I Hate My Life”

  • Dun, dun, dun…those townies sure do age fast! I had to re supply after my founder turned into adult. I thought quickly and chose gallery families with lots of children to give my poor heirs a chance! I like for the sims to choose on their own without much influence by me. Also makes for interesting stories! I’m rooting for Stella!

  • Who’s the gloomy sim now, Mr.-I-Hate-My-Life-So-Much? XD I really like legacies that have drama. I get tired of the fairytale meet-a-townie-propose-the-same-day-and-immediately-elope scenarios. And I’m really starting to like Xavier, as I’m kind of naturally judgmental/cynical myself. I feel the struggle. XD

  • Xavier was a bit hard on Stella, but also she lied to him. I guess they can’t adopt in Sims 4 yet? I don’t remember. Also, I noticed the day of their wedding her hair turned to gray? Oh my, no wonder she couldn’t have kids. lol

    I hope he can find someone who truly loves him and not just someone who will say yes.

    • he he he, keep reading! You can adopt in TS4, but adopted kids aren’t allowed to be heirs according to the rules I chose to go by for this challenge. So, I couldn’t get very far allowing him to do that.

  • Was this a case of a townies aging up when they hit the lot?

    I had something similar happen to me the other day with a potential love interest for one of my teens. But since my teen is only at the halfway mark, it was a no go.

    Xavier may have been harsh under regular circumstance. But legacies are serious business with no time to waste. He was in the right to cut her loose. Preserve the family name all the way is what I say.

  • So, I had my mouth hanging open this entire chapter. I can’t believe Stella left out such crucial information and decided to reveal it the day of their wedding! I would be upset with her, too. I’m sad that Xavier is having such a hard time finding someone to fill that void in his heart. Hopefully he finds someone who will give him the legacy that he desires.

  • Wow, this turn of events is really turning my expectations upside down! And then to have his heart broken by game-playing woman…. he is having as tough a time I’ve ever read for a founder! I’m so disappointed about Stella, too.

  • Oh no! Didn’t see that coming. Poor guys, they were so in love too. Have to admit, seeing Xavier panic made me giggle a little. “I’M GOING TO DIE CHILDLESS AND UNLOVED, HALP”.

    I’m evil.

  • Noooooo not Stella!! Wow that was some amazing drama too. I like that reflecting back, Xavier can see he probably tried to ‘get back out there’ too quick especially comparing everyone to Stella.

    Game note I cannot stand how quickly my townies age. I’ve taken to turning off aging in my ‘story’ saves that I use for my screenshots. My main save has aging on of course for the scoring etc. But the first time I open one of my life stage saves I turn the aging off.

    • Oh yeah. I can never play another game on normal life ever again! LOL, it’s just too fast! And this was back in the days before you could tell “how old” Sims were by hovering over their heads. My next legacy will just be a story, and I’m gonna play it on long life. Half of my stories are either on long life or aging off.

  • Mpf. Not telling the whole truth can be so annoying. Poor Xavier has to go through such a hard time already, but I guess it will teach him not to rush in love and make him stronger in the end.

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