Chapter 40a: Therapy

I don’t know what it is about women, their age, and their looks. Dee made a “time of life” transformation like Ava did except Dee said that she wanted to look more matronly and regal seeing as how she recently discovered her role in the Pruett Family Legacy. That’s honorable! Check out my sweet thang! Ain’t she fine?!


dee2You guys…I feel lost! I feel like I have no control over anything that goes on in my life right now. My crazy children are dictating my life, and I’m not enjoying it. This chapter would be 50 pages long if I tried to explain everything that is going on right now. So, I will give each of my kiddies their own section so you can see just how mad they are making me.

However, to make myself feel better–and to spend all this money I’ve made–I decided to do a bit of remodeling! At least I had something in my life that I could control. I must say it was highly therapeutic for me. So, without further ado, I give you the Pruett Estate!

10-21-14_7-49 PM

Upstairs, we just painted most of the walls and made all of the door the same. The pink room is Jazzy’s, and the bathroom across from it is pretty much her own because no one else uses it. Jayla is in our old room, and of course we had to add a room with the twins came. We gave it to Jayden and they share the bathroom. Unfortunately we had to scale down the gym to accommodate his room, but the upstairs office is still the same.

10-21-14_7-48 PM-2

We did lots of painting downstairs as well as well as add some rooms. We have a luxurious deck now! I don’t know why we never thought about having a grill and outside living room before, but there you have it!

10-21-14_7-48 PM

For downstairs, let’s start at the back of the house. So, of course, the door to the deck is blocked by the stairs, but it’s in front of the card table. We had to add a room for Jared, so that’s that room back there. We painted, of course, but also added a lot more artwork around the house. We got new chairs in the dining room and a new half bathroom which is now a full bathroom. We added a couple chairs in the living room, and then…drum roll please…we added a room to rival all other rooms! My new favorite room of the house! The music room!

10-21-14_8-01 PM

As of right now, no one plays an instrument, but we all talk about it. Our kitchen is so inspiring, and we all cook so well, everyone is constantly inspired. I figured we needed to channel that inspiration into other things that would yield beautiful, creative results. And hey…maybe one day down the line the Pruetts will have musical geniuses in the family!

We spent around 40,000 simoleons on this project! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it was the best idea. Whatever the bills turn out to be, we can definitely handle it…right now, but I hope I haven’t put my children in a bad position. When I die, the book royalties unfortunately die with me. Maybe this was my little mid-life crisis moment.

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