Chapter 40b: Jayla

With four children, I don’t exactly have a middle child. But, Jayla is definitely having the middle child syndrome. It seems as though all the attention goes toward Jayden and Jasmine. It seems quite natural, actually. I mean, Jazzy is our first adult child, so we’re dealing with everything that goes with that. Jay is our oldest son and the next heir to proverbial throne. Jayla and Jared unfortunately get left out–a lot. I never designed it to be that way, but I’m learning these things happen in large families. It’s inevitable!

Apart from her mischievous ways, I feel like she thinks she needs to be more like Jay and Jazzy in order to have our attention. I mean, she could just come and talk to us, but no…she’s trying to get on the love bandwagon too! It’s not working out well for her.

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10-21-14_9-18 PM

She thinks she can just flirt her way into these boys’ hearts, but it doesn’t work that way! I don’t think she actually desires to get to know any of them. She just wants to jump straight to the romance.

10-21-14_9-17 PM

I feel like my time with her is growing extremely short. She and Jay will have their birthdays in just a few days! What can I say and what can I teach them quickly?! Her mischief is getting worse. The better she gets at it, the more she wants to terrorize people. She’s even taken to terrorizing people outside of her family! At night, after dinner and homework, she leaves the house in search of victims. I’ve heard that she’s been walking up to women asking when their due dates are, and they aren’t even pregnant! What do I do with this child?

As the weeks passed, and her birthday came and went, I’d like to say that she’s calmed down a little. She inherited her mother’s childishness, so she is a little it nicer and spends more time playing with toys and video games. I was very proud to here that she got a job, but I was not proud to learn that she joined the criminal career.

10-22-14_6-09 PMHowever, I hope other areas of her life are smoothing out as well. Earl Dandridge called her and wanted to come over. That’s the guy that she struck out with. I suppose he’s gotten over their awkward encounter and wants to start over. Unfortunately, he came by just before she went to work. I will make sure that she calls him again!


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