Chapter 40c: Jared

What can I say about Jared? He’s the only sweet, loving, normal child I have left, and I hope he doesn’t go crazy when he becomes a teenager like these other knuckleheads I have!

Sadly, he spends a lot of time wandering through the house trying to find someone to talk to. Jayla spends time with him, but of course she picks on him and tell him these crazy stories. He talks to Jazzy sometimes, but most of the time she preoccupied with talking to herself or breaking hearts. And, of course, Jay is always talking to Maliyah. So, poor Jared ends up spending more time with us than he does with his siblings.

10-21-14_8-47 PM

Because of our work schedules, that time is limited. But Dee and I make the best of it. Can we just kick the other children out and keep this one?

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