Chapter 40d: Jayden

I’m not sure if I like Jay’s girlfriend. I think she’s a fast little thing. But, he’s very serious about her so I better get used to the idea of her being family. How do I know they’re serious?

10-21-14_8-29 PM

Now, of course, I didn’t actually see this, but I’ve learned that Maliyah talks a whooooole lot. Check this out.

10-21-14_8-37 PM

“…and you need to start working out, Jayden! You not gonna be all fat on our wedding day!”

10-21-14_8-39 PM

“SOOOO…Dad, ummm…hey, I haven’t had the time to talk to you, but–”

“It’s fine, son. I have it all figured out. And like you said…we should talk sometime.”

10-21-14_8-39 PM-2

“Ok, but, are you…I didn’t want to…I’m not trying to hide anything, you know? It kinda just happened a few minutes ago.”

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“Yeah,” Maliyah interrupted,” and he gave me this ol’ tiny band with no diamonds on it! When he gets a job and makes some money, please believe he will be buying me a REAL ring!”

10-21-14_8-40 PM

“I mean,” she continued,” “y’all got all this money and you couldn’t even buy me one karat?”

“Maliyah, it’s promise ring, not an engagement ring,” he explained.

“Whatever it is, it shoulda had some diamonds in it!”

“Ok, ok! I’ll buy you a nicer ring!”

“You better! I gotta go so I can make curfew.”

10-21-14_8-44 PM

“Ok, son, let her go now.  Son…Jayden, she said she needs to go!”

10-21-14_8-46 PM

“Isn’t she the greatest?”

“Jay…what have you gotten yourself into? She seems to be…a lot to handle, son. Are you sure this is what you want?

10-21-14_8-47 PM-2

“Oh, Dad. Don’t worry! I can handle her. I know she’s a snob, but it doesn’t bother me.”

“Yeah, but it may start bothering your wallet.”

“We have tons of money, Dad! It’s no big deal.”

“Correction, Jay. have tons of money. You have nothing. Remember that when you’re out buying her a ring,” I said with a hearty laugh.

Maliyah has been over since then, but not as much. Maybe they think that because they’re promised to each other now they don’t have to spend as much time together. As much as I tell him to slow things down, they’re making a mistake by thinking that quality time doesn’t matter anymore. I know that mistake very well!

10-22-14_6-13 PM-2Jayden developed the geek trait for his birthday. I must say…he’s the first geek in the family and the only geek I’ve ever met! I was also proud to discover that he got a job–a much more respectable one than his twin’s. He wants to be like a professional video gamer, or something, so he joined the tech career. He spends the majority of his free time playing games and learning to program. That is very honorable, and I am proud of him. But, he’s going to have to learn how to juggle his career and family life quickly if he still intends on getting married right away.



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