Chapter 46: The Lopes Family

One thing my father said to me while he was “training” me to do these stories was “do not forget about the other children.” So, here’s an update on Jasmine and her family.

I wish my father could see her now. She definitely makes the top 5 list of excellent mothers! Joshua has turned out to be a good father too. That little family does everything together. If Jasmine is telling a story to the girls, then Joshua come and listens too. They sit down at the dinner table every night to have quality family time.

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10-28-14_5-55 PM-2

Serena has turned out to be an evil little girl! Jasmine, who is good, is not taking it very well. She keeps trying to dispel the evil, but Serena just gets mad at her. I hope they can figure out some peaceful way to live together. I’m not sure I can hndle some little girl terrorizing my sister.

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