Chapter 6: My Joy

My, how the tables have turned! Life with Sandra has just been marvelous. Sometimes I cannot believe this is the same woman I proposed to three times. I so enjoy the time that we have together alone just to love on each other and show how much we care.

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I am quite certain that I have completely healed from my past hurts and am able to be the type of man my wife and my future children need me to be. I wake up happier than I’ve ever been, I haven’t been tense in a while, and life is just so good right here. Now…if only I can get rid of all this weight I acquired when I was in anguish. I can’t workout like I used to. Ever since I became an old man, I’ve had to take it easy. I don’t like that, but it’s either that or kill myself trying.

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One night Sandra came in the office with a huge grin on her face and she started rambling on about only God knows what. She truly did not make any sense.

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“Just spit it out, baby,” I said. “What are you trying to say?”

She stopped talking for a moment as if she was trying to figure out what she wanted to say. Then she said:


“HA! I knew I was going to get you pregnant that night! OH BOY!!!”

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Over the next few months, as I watched my wife’s belly grow bigger and bigger, I watched our love grow deeper and stronger. It’s amazing how life turns out sometimes.

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I love that Sandra is close with her family and live nearby. They are always coming over to check on her, calling her, and just being the supportive family that she needs. My mom passed away earlier this year, and I never got to apologize for how I treated her. She never got to meet my wonderful wife and see my beautiful home. Pride is such a dangerous thing. I’m just glad that I have finally been given the chance to have a child to mold and raise the right way and teach important life lessons like not being prideful.

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Last night, I was in the kitchen having dinner, and I heard a lot of noise coming from another room.

“Sandra? Are you all right?”

“Oh…I’m FINE! I’m just having a baby, that’s all.”

09-18-14_10-02 PM

“Oh, ok….baby??!!”

09-18-14_10-07 PM

Meet my little Joy!


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