Chapter 62: Surprises All Around

The very next day, The Grim Reaper returned as promised just as everyone was getting home from school and work. Jared walked in just as she collapsed to the floor.

11-16-14_5-26 PM

Everyone else started filing in to see what the fuss was all about.

“Oh no,” Bianca cried. “I can’t watch this!”

“I’m here for you, BJ,” Giancarlo said as he went to comfort her.

11-16-14_5-27 PM

Jared had been preparing for this moment for the past three weeks, but nothing can ever prepare you to watch the life leak out of a beloved family member. He started to plead for Jasmine’s life, Brandon came and intervened.

11-16-14_5-29 PM

“Jared! Don’t! Let her go. She wants to go. She wants to be with Joshua and dad.”

“She said that?”

“Yeah. She said ‘next time let me go,’ so let her go, man. It’s ok.”

“Ok! I’ll let her go. I love you, Jasmine! I love you.”

“We all love you, Jasmine,” Bianca chimed in.

It was a very unfortunate chain of events seeing as how Asia was just in the kitchen preparing or Jared’s birthday. She knew he would probably want her to cancel her plans, but she thought a little cake would help make everyone feel better.

11-16-14_5-40 PM

For the first time ever, everyone was in the same room doing the same thing. Everyone thought it was nice, but of course Jared wasn’t even thinking about that.

“Asia…thank you for a lovely party. I’m going upstairs now.”

“Ok, babe.”

She hated to see her husband in such anguish, but she knew that only time could heal this wound.

A couple days later, Amira was out in the garden when she got an unexpected visitor.

11-16-14_7-43 PM

“Beth? Hi! What are you doing here?”

“Well, you leave home with no note or text, so I figured I would find you here. So…how are you?”

“I’m great! Would you like to come in?”


“So…I’ve been meaning to call you but,…I dunno. We got married!”

“Married?! OH-EM-GOODNESS!! Well no wonder you haven’t called! You weren’t thinking about little ol me! Congratulations, kiddo!”

11-16-14_7-44 PM-2

“Thanks, Beth. Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad! I’m glad!”

Beth looked around the Pruett Estate and was amazed.

11-16-14_7-44 PM

“Woooow…so you’re the queen of this castle now, huh? Nice job, kiddo. Nice job! Here, come take a picture with me!”

11-16-14_7-44 PM-3

“This is definitely going on my Sims Network page…#proudmama #OMG #mybeautifuldaughter #beautifulhome…”

“Ok, Beth, stop with the hashtags already!”

“Isn’t that what you kids do these days?”


“Where is lover boy anyway?”

“He’s upstairs upgrading some appliances…oh, here he is now. Hi honey…look who’s here!”

Neither one of them gave any thought to Amira’s mother and whether she approved of them eloping or not. They never even considered calling to tell her! They had been soo wrapped up in newlywed life, they had only thought of themselves.

11-16-14_7-49 PM

“Oh! Hi there, Ms. Greenwood,” he said nervously.

“Uh uh uh…Beth, remember? So…you whisked my daughter away, eh? Congratulations!”

“Thank you, Ms…Beth.”

“Amira, honey, could you bring me some juice or something? I want to talk to loverboy here.”

Amira up to exit the room, and she mouthed “I’m sorry” to Brandon.

11-16-14_7-54 PM-2

“Beth, I’m so sorry we haven’t called. We just–”

“I understand, Brandon. I know how love goes! I’m glad you guys are together. I am. I just wanted to come over here and make sure she was all right and that she wasn’t living in some rat hole. Yes…I can see you guys  definitely don’t have any rats!”

“No ma’am. No rats here.”

“Don’t be so uptight and nervous around me, Brandon! I’m not that kind of mother-in-law. I’m cool!”

“Ok. I’ll try.”

“So…when can I expect some little Pruetts?”

“Little Pruetts? We haven’t even thought about babies yet.”

“Well, think about it! I think I’d make a fun grandma.”

Beth gave Brandon the third degree for another hour before she decided to go home. He was so relieved when she left. When Bianca came home, she got a nice surprise as well.

11-16-14_7-52 PM-2

“Heeeey! I should  have bought a ticket for this show!”

“Oh,” he said embarrassed. “I lost track of time.”

“Seriously, dude? Do you always practice in your underwear?”


“Ok, ‘Magic Mike.’ Put on some clothes and have dinner with me.”

They had dinner and then slipped into the den to spend some time together alone.

“So, you think you’re slick just coming into my room and slipping into my bed uninvited, eh?”

11-16-14_8-08 PM

“Oh yeah. I’m totally slick.”

11-16-14_8-06 PM

“I see you’re very proud of yourself. So…Mr. Cat Burglar…should I expect another visit from you tonight?”

11-16-14_8-11 PM

“Nah. My burglar days are over.”


“I have different plans for tonight.”

“Ummm, what are you doing,” she asked, face flushed and heart skipping several beats.

11-16-14_8-14 PM

“What does it look like, smartie pants? I’m proposing to you!”

“Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to say!”

11-16-14_8-14 PM-2

“As smart as you are? I’ll give you a hint…it’s three letters!”

“Giancarlo, hush! You’re ruining the moment.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’ve been planning this for a while, and I wanted to do it soo many different ways, most of them involved your family, but things keep happening and…well, I figured now or never. Will you be my wife, Bianca Janine Pruett?”

“Yes, I will!”

“SWEET! Come here, soon-to-be Bianca Janine Sheridan,” he said scooping her up in his arms.

“Whoa! I love you, Giancarlo. I would love to be your wife. But…if you drop me, I swear! All bets are off!”

11-16-14_8-16 PM

“Let me put you down then. I’m tired. Are you tired? Let’s go to sleep.”

“Ok…we’re sleeping!”

11-16-14_8-17 PM

She followed him upstairs, and she was incredibly happy. In that moment, she had no idea what she was so afraid of before. She knew everything was going to be perfect as long as she had Giancarlo by her side.

Brandon, the Heir of the Century
Chapter 63: Love Is A Beautiful Thing

16 thoughts on “Chapter 62: Surprises All Around”

  • Nothing like stepping on your dead aunt’s neck to console your family. I knew she’d be gone the next day but I wanted to be optimistic. Also, I got confused and weirded over Amira referring to her mom as Beth. I thought she was a friend at first.

    And for Giancarlo, good job at not dropping Bianca. Nothing like a man with a strong back.

    • Ha! Yeah. Giancarlo is awesome.

      Yeah, so, Amira was “adopted” by Beth when she was a “pre-teen.” In my mind, Beth should be almost an adult because the backstory says she adopted her at the beginning of her YA years. But, of course you can’t set an exact age, so, in actuality, Beth and Amira are only 12 days apart, or however long the teen years are. Either way…yes, Beth is very young to have a teenage daughter lol.

        • Yeah lol. For some reason back in those days, my Sims features didn’t change at all when they aged up from YA to adult. I guess that was good, but…yeah. Even now. I can only tell they’ve changed in CAS.

          • They really don’t or didn’t change much. I didn’t notice until recently how much there body changes when they become adults from young adult. The face just gets slight ring under the eyes and crease around the mouth. It’s a nice touch.

          • I always find it a bit weird in CAS. Like they get all this muscle definition that is no where to be found in the game. lol But they also look a bit older in CAS.

  • Awwww Bianca and Giancarlo!! I’m glad she addressed him sneaking in her bed when she had said no. But I’m glad she’s trusting him and her feelings more.

    Beth and Amira are fun. I like that Beth wants to be the hip granny! 😉

    A teensy but suspicious though of Beth eyeing up the new digs and coming by to make sure her daughter wasn’t in a ‘rat hole’ etc. but hopefully Amira and Beth aren’t gold diggers. 🙂

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