Chapter 63: Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Bianca and Giancarlo decided to get married in two days. They wanted to get married fairly quickly, but there weren’t any days on the calendar that everyone would be available. Unfortunately, they just had to pick a day that had the most number of family members available. As long as Jared, Brandon, Brittany and Asia were there, she didn’t really care who else showed. She was not a fan of large parties anyway. The night before the wedding, she wanted to chat about a few things before the big day.

11-16-14_8-33 PM

“You’re wearing clothes today!”

“BJ! My love! How was your day?”

“It was ok. My project has been running behind for a few days, and I thought everyone was going to be mad at me for making them work overtime, but I talked to my bosses and bought us some more time.”

“Life of a project manager, eh?”

“Yeah. Can we talk?”

“We must always talk, BJ.”

That made her smile. She liked that they were on the same page, and he was always in sync with her.

“I’m glad you think so. Can I tell you something first? You know this, but I’ve been afraid of this for a long time. But somehow you’ve been able to see through that. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad that you did. You’ve been soo patient with me, and I love that. I love you!”

“That was beautiful! We should just exchange rings now!”

“Silly. Anyway…I’m less afraid now, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have any concerns.”

“Naturally. Hit me.”

“You know me pretty well, and I believe I know you. But because of my issues, we never talked about certain things that I think are important to know. Things that my parents didn’t discuss.”

“BJ, you are the best person I know! I LOVE you! I totally dig you. We can talk about whatever you want to talk about as long as it takes. Ask me anything!”

As the conversation went on, Bianca was more and more confident about their relationship and knew that it could stand the test of time. All of her fears were allayed.

“Do you want to have children,” she asked.

“I would like to have 50 children. Next!”

“Would you like to live here or have your own house?”

“Every man wants his own house. But I want to be where you are going to be happy. It’s your decision.”

“Do you ever think about other women?”

“There are other women??”

“I’m serious!”

“So am I!”

“You’re soo silly, Giancarlo! And you’re not even a goofball!”

“Yeah, I’m soo adorable, right? Ok, any further questions, your honor?”

“What are you going to do when I’m mean to you?”

“Hmmm…I suppose drugging you is out of the question, so…I really don’t know. I’m not leaving, that’s for sure.”

“Do you promise not to leave?”

“I promise. Maybe I’ll just banish you to the couch!”

Between Brandon mending broken objects, upgrading the plumbing, and learning woodworking and handiness, and Amira tending the garden and looking for a job, some kind of way they found lots of time for “togetherness.” You would think that they would have been cautious as uncertain and unprepared as they were to operate in the real world, but they were not careful at all. They woo hooed any time, any where without a care in the world, and now they were going to be forced to confront real life head on.

“Pregnant?! I thought I just ate too much or something,” Amira thought. “This is definitely a surprise.”

11-16-14_8-39 PM

“BRANDON,” Amira whispered as loud as she could.

“Why are you whispering,” he whispered back.

“I don’t know!”

“Ok…so can we stop whispering now?”

11-16-14_8-42 PM


“Yeah, I guess we can.”

“So, what’s up?”

“I took a pregnancy test!”

“A pregnancy test? Why would you need a…WHOA! A pregnancy test?!”


“Well what did it say?!”

“It was positive!!”

“Positive, like, we’re having a baby, or positive like–”

“There’s only one positive, Brandon! We’re pregnant!!”

“NO WAY!!”

“Yes way!! Are you happy?”

“Am I happy?? OF COURSE I’m happy! Are you?”

“YES! You know I want a large family.”

“This is so awesome!! Ok…Bianca is getting married today, so let’s wait and tell her tomorrow. No one can even tell yet.”

In the next room, Giancarlo was getting some last minute advice from the Pruett’s over breakfast.

“…and remember, a happy wife means a happy life. She’s always right, so you’d better get used to saying ‘yes dear,'” Jared said.

11-16-14_8-45 PM

They all laughed.

“I need to go iron my tux. I know you’re going to be a great husband, Giancarlo. I don’t think Bianca could have done better. Welcome to the family, man!”

“Thank you, Uncle Jared. That means a lot coming from you.”

“Now, how come he’s Uncle Jared, but you’re just Asia?”

“You know…I never even noticed that before! I don’t know! Maybe because I came on the scene after they were all born? Dunno!”

11-16-14_8-48 PM


“Any last minute words of wisdom for dealing with Bianca?”

“Just know that she loves you dearly. Anything she says is not personal and is not directed at you. Always remember that it comes from a deep dark place where only she and her parents live. She’s never mad at you. Things just come out. Please remember that if you can. If you don’t, and you get mad back, or do something crazy like leave, I think she’ll be permanently damaged!”

“You guys in here talking about me,” Bianca asked.

11-16-14_8-49 PM

“Are you a ghost? I thought I’m not supposed to be seeing you right now,” Giancarlo joked.

“Ha ha! You see what I have to deal with, Asia?”

“I think it’s just sweet. Do you need help with your hair?”

“Honey…where are my black socks with the pinned stripes,” Jared asked.

“Did you try the sock drawer, dear?”

“Oh! No. You’re soo smart!”

Asia sighed and said, “Old age. I tell ya!”

“Giancarlo, maybe you should get dressed now,” Bianca said.

“What, I’m not dapper enough already?”

“Come on, dude! I want to talk to Asia.”

“Girl talk! Yep, that’s definitely my cue.”

“He is a handful! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I decided not to invite my mom. I’m not ready to talk to her yet. I know you’re going to have to leave before the ceremony, but I thought you should know that I had you in the mother of the bride’s seat.”

11-16-14_8-50 PM

“Oh, good heavens! I am so honored!”

“I’m going to ask Uncle Jared to give me away.”

“He would love that.”

“I’m nervous…about tonight.”

“[gasp] You guys have been sleeping together and haven’t done anything? Oh that is soo precious!! You know…Jared and I waited until we got married too! I think it makes it more special.”

“I’ve just been afraid to, like, let go. I needed to figure some things out before we got there, but then he proposed. I just thought we could wait a few more days.”

“How virtuous! Well, don’t over think it. Have fun! It’ll be over before you know it.”

Asia gave Bianca a few more pieces of advice, and then they hurried upstairs to get dressed to make it to The Chapel on time. Bianca was feeling quite foxy in her smoking hot red dress. It seemed that everyone’s dress was red that day–almost like they planned it.

11-16-14_9-08 PM

“Well,” Asia said, “here we are! No turning back! You’re a very beautiful bride. Giancarlo is a very lucky man!”

11-16-14_9-10 PM

“Well, what can I say! When you look this good, you’re bound to feel lucky,” Bianca joked.

“Hey! Blondie,” Giancarlo yelled as he ran by. “I’m supposed to be getting married today, but I can’t find my fiance anywhere! Would you like to marry me instead?”

“What a small world! I was getting married today too, but you’re way hotter than my fiance. I’ll marry you!”


“You guys are soooo funny and soo cute together,” Asia squealed.

11-16-14_9-10 PM-2


Bianca stayed outside to speak with her guests and also to wait for her sister. She hadn’t seen her since before Jasmine died.

“Brittany! You made it!”

“Of course I made it! Did you think I was gonna sit home and watch TV while my little sister married the hottest guy ever?!”

11-16-14_9-12 PM


“Yeah, he’s pretty great. So how’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in like, a month or two!”

“I’m good! I’m getting more and more gigs, so that’s good.”

“Speaking of gigs,” Brittany continued, “I’m going to be your piano player!”

11-16-14_9-13 PM

“No way!! Oh that is soo cool! Thank you soo much, Brittany. I know we haven’t gotten along, but I’ve missed you. I know I haven’t called you, but I have been thinking of you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know you’ve been dealing. We all have!”

Jared found Tre Willard (the older of Cory’s twins); and caught up on the happenings at the Broussard home. Tre and Rusty are still living at home and are taking care of Kiana, their mother. No one in the house has a job and they are living off of Cory’s insurance money. Jasmine’s girls were also in attendance. Bianca let everyone eat and drink before starting the ceremony.

11-16-14_9-14 PM

“I hope you all don’t mind, but I wrote my own vows,” Bianca said.

“Great minds think alike. I wrote mine too! You first,” Giancarlo said.

“You saved my life. I was sinking into a deep, dark abyss, and you pulled me out. You made me see the light! You taught me that life could be good again. You are forever in my heart, and I promise to love you and cherish you and follow you all the rest of my days.”

11-16-14_9-22 PM

“Before I met you, I was a no nonsense kind of guy. I didn’t laugh or crack jokes. I worked hard and had no life. But then I moved here and met this cute, blonde-haired teenage girl in a park. You say I saved you? You saved me! You made me come alive again and remember that life was more than conquests and acquisitions. I left that life the day I met you, and I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I appreciate you saving me. ‘Til death do us part!”

After those beautiful words, they exchanged rings, kissed, and became Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan.

11-16-14_9-22 PM-2

The guest applauded and cheered in response to such a heart wrenching ceremony. There was not a dry eye in the place. After the ceremony was over, The Sheridan’s went around to see all of their guests.

“Bianca! Congratulations! I like Giancarlo a lot.”

“Hey little cuzzo! He likes you too. It’s good for him to have someone to play music with.”

11-16-14_9-25 PM

“I don’t know, Kyle. Me and my brother here already have the two finest women in the world, so you just might be out of luck,” Giancarlo joked.

“I might need to go back to Bridgeport,” Kyle said.


11-16-14_9-28 PM-2

“So…I guess you guys will be leaving soon,” Bianca sulked.

“Yes. We’ll be closing on a house soon. I want to stay, but I think we need to let you guys enjoy your own families and free up some space in the house.”

“But you’re not in the way, Uncle Jared! We can add onto the house.”

“Now that wouldn’t be smart, dear. When you get home tonight, you’ll realize why it will be good that we leave. Trust me.”



11-16-14_9-28 PM

While Kolby had an audience, and Brittany took a break, he decided show everyone how hard he had been practicing. Everyone was astonished at how talented he was at such a young age. No one could do anything except watch him in awe. He even made 120 simoleons!


11-16-14_9-31 PM

Bianca and Giancarlo captured the moment with a selfie, and then decided to call it a night.

11-16-14_9-34 PM

“Are you happy, Mrs. Sheridan?”


“Would you like to go home now?”

“Yes.”11-16-14_9-34 PM-2

When they arrived home, Bianca thought about what they were about to do and was very nervous all over again. They were walking hand in hand when suddenly she stopped walking.

“What’s the matter, BJ?”


“Hey…I’m nervous too! We’ll be nervous together. Ok?”

He embraced her and tried to make her feel more comfortable, but she wouldn’t let go of him.

“BJ…would you like to let go of me now?”


11-16-14_9-44 PM


“What if I picked you up and carried you in like they did in the old days?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Watch me!”

He picked her up and carried her over the threshold.

“I can’t believe you carried me all the way inside!”

“Well, that’s about as far as we’ll make it! I’m not He-Man like your uncle. Let’s go in here. It’ll be like our own private suite.”

He led her to her father’s old room which was now a guest bedroom downstairs. It was a perfect location with no other bedrooms around. They took it slow, but eventually got into the groove of things. They had a beautiful night as they launched into their new life together as husband and wife. More importantly, Bianca had found someone she completely trusted and was no longer afraid of the unknown and was ready to take control of her life and not be ruled by insecurities, anger, and fear.

11-16-14_9-50 PM



Generation 6

Chapter 62: Surprises All Around

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  • I loved it! I love them! It’s good of you to move Jared out. Was that a hard decision for you to make? And…a bun in the oven for Brandon. What is it with the Pruett men and getting their women pregnant so quickly??

    • It was very hard for several reasons. First of all, I had just started to develop Asia’s character, and I like her. Second of all, Jared is the main bread winner right now. They have quite a bit of money leftover from the makeover, but of course it was quite expensive. They’ll be fine with the flowers and Bianca’s salary though. Brandon isn’t as young as you think! He’s like halfway through his YA years already. I think I’ve been affected by all the older Pruetts having kids later in life and dying before they grow up

      • Yeah. That’s a tough one. I know Asia was starting to shape up to be the awesome aunt. And trust me…I know about losing the bread winner! That was reason I couldn’t bring myself to kill Landon off. He was the furthest along in his career and the bills are really high now so I couldn’t have survived without him.
        I didn’t realize Brandon was so old! I guess because you’ve focused on other story lines, I didn’t realize he aged up so long ago. Eh…have him have a baby with Amira, and then get her out of there. If you don’t like her, you’ll get bored. Brandon can find someone else!

        • I’m not gonna say what she’s doing, BUT…if I don’t get her out ssoon, she is going to cause major trouble!! I wasnt looking to have any drama right now, but….

  • That was very nice ceremony. I love that she wore red. It’s nice somebody got married for love and not just to get some booty.

    And Kolby gets for attractive with every episode. Cute & talented. A dangerous combination.

    • Starting with this generation, the “extras” began to get more and more interesting to me. This is when I began to try to keep up with them, but man…there’s way too many Pruetts lol. I wish he could have gotten more screen time. That’s legacy life, I guess.

      • I like the extras from the S-GAS, so much better than the townies and the pre-mades (except Don).

        I’m not sure how to handle it when the Rivera clan gets bigger. Do you make your townies or do you give them their own household?

        • I do a lot of things. For the most part, I leave the townies alone. If there is a townie that I really like, I move them into a house before they get culled. When I’m bored with the townies, I’ll move in my own folks. Many of the non-Pruetts you’ll meet in gen 7 & 8 are Sims I moved in. I think it will be great if you put all the S-GAS folks in and have fewer townies. It’ll definitely keep things interesting for you.

  • “BRANDON,” Amira whispered as loud as she could.

    “Why are you whispering,” he whispered back.

    bahahahahahaha xD I laughed so hard. Also the thing with the sock drawer was so funny

  • Ahhhh I just love the Pruetts they are so believable and genuine they make me smile…what’s in store for gen 6???!!! Can’t wait to find out woohoo

  • What a long Generation storyline…. but well worth the read.

    Long live Jasmine “Jazzy” (Pruett) Lopes. Was she the longest lived thus far? I think she was. She even got a couple more days thanks to Joshua 🙂

    I love the house. I still remember the first screenshot with Xavier in chapter one. And I’m only have way through the Generations.

    So I have to ask… did you know the Reaper was coming for Jayden, and you thought a good ending to his story was to have Maliyah reconcile before he died? Or was that a fluke when playing and you wrote it in that way. Just curious. Glad they made up in the end.

    Onto Generation 6. Please tell me Jasmine’s ghost makes appearances! 😀

    • Yes! At that time, Jasmine was definitely the longest living Pruett. And, no, I knew nothing of the reaper coming for Jayden. I was screaming then LOL. I really wanted to get them back together but…the game had other plans! I don’t pay attention to how old they are, so I’m often caught by surprise with these things lol. Have fun in generation 6! Some of my favorite times. Oh! Question for you because you’re binging. I’m often curious as to how people took the sudden change in the narrative. Did it seem strange to read a different point of view, or did it work for you?

      • It was weird to start with, but I got used to it. I got confused for awhile and then realized the characters were also speaking to the audience. I had to get used to it, but after reading five generations, I’m familiar with it.

        Now I just need to remember who’s who and married to who and who’s children belongs to who! 😀 😀 😀

  • Awwww I love Biancas red wedding dress and I’m so sorry Jared and Asia are moving out. I totally get it because the new generation will need space so some have to go but I like that Asia is like a ‘Mom’ for Bianca and Brandon with Maliyah still not really in the picture much.

    I loved that Asia had the mother of the bride place for the reception such a lovely honor.

    Also loved the vows for the couple!

    Thrilled to be starting G6!!

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