Chapter 65: Time Waits For No One

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Giancarlo was amazed at how Brandon could fix and upgrade anything so quickly without getting electrocuted. He sat and watched him in awe for a few minutes as he waited for Bianca to get home.

“So…you’ve never been electrocuted? Ever?”


“Not even a shock?”


“That good, huh?”

“That good.”

Lance joined a few minutes later and sat and watched his father work.

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“Your dad has magic powers,” Giancarlo said.


“Oh yeah. He can control electricity with his mind.”


Giancarlo enjoyed messing with Lance–especially because he had no idea that he was being messed with. He thought about how fun it would be to mess with his own children soon. Brandon just quietly laughed so he wouldn’t give Giancarlo away.

“Uncle G, do you have magic powers?”

“Of course!”

“What can you do?”

“I, ummm…I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Brandon thought it was funny, but had no idea what other silly ideas his brother-in-law was going to put in his son’s head, so he thought he should maybe leave.

“Son…don’t you have some homework to do?”

“Mommy helped me with it last night.”

“Don’t you want to go play outside then?”

“Noooo! I want to talk to Uncle G!”

“Don’t worry, Brandon,” Giancarlo intervened. “I’ll behave.”

“Does everyone have super powers? If everyone has super powers, then the world could blow up if everyone used them at once,” he said, convinced that this was a real crisis.

“Everyone doesn’t have super powers. Only special people like us.”

“Ohhhh, ok!”

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Bianca arrived in just enough time to interrupt this crazy super powers conversation.

“Hi Lance! Hey baby. What are you guys talking about?”

“Super powers,” Lance exclaimed.

She knew that probably had a lot to do with her husband and didn’t even entertain the answer.

“Babe…I’m toast. I’m gonna eat something and take a nap before we go to mom’s house, ok?”

“Sure, honey.”

Brandon stopped what he was doing as this was the first he heard of Bianca speaking to her mother in ages. He actually had not spoken to her either.

“You’re going to mom’s house? Tonight? What’s going on over there?”

“Nothing,” she said searching for words.

“I just think it’s time we patch things up. So, I’m gonna go over there, introduce her to my wonderful husband, and show her what we’ve been up to,” she said, patting her belly.

“Ok. Whatever,” Brandon said and went back to his work.

Amira arrived home shortly after Bianca retired and joined Giancarlo in the dining room for dinner. Lance joined too and started his homework.

11-19-14_7-21 PM

“Mommy! Daddy and Uncle G have super powers!”

“Oh do they now?”

“Yeah! Daddy can control electricity!”

“When I get done eating, I’m going to help you with your homework,” she said trying redirect his attention.

When Bianca arose from her nap, she was still in pretty bad shape, but she was determined to make this night happen.

11-19-14_7-31 PM

“Well, BJ…you’re here. Are you ready to do this?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Ok, honey. You go ahead. I’ll be right here. I love you!”

“Thanks for being here, babe.”

11-19-14_7-32 PM

She left him and trudged up the stairs to knock on the door. No one answered.

11-19-14_7-33 PM

She tried again, but still no one came. It was almost 10 p.m., and she thought for sure that they would be home. She called her sister just in case they were actually out for the evening.

11-19-14_7-34 PM

“Hey, Brittany…I’m good…listen I…yes, I’m taking care of my fine husband, look I…actually, I’m very pregnant right now…any day now…wait, Brittany, are you drunk?…What are you soo upset about?…SHE WHAT??…When?!…When were you going to tell me this?!…I don’t even know what to say to you right now. I have to go!”

11-19-14_7-38 PM

“What happened,” Giancarlo asked.

“My sister is two sheets to the wind at the bar, and she told me that mom died the other day!!”

11-19-14_7-38 PM-2

“What?! Your mom died and your sister didn’t tell you? Who does that??”

“I know!! She said that she’s been too depressed. I don’t even…MAN!! Why did she have to die before I forgave her??”

11-19-14_7-39 PM

“Unfortunately, that’s how life works out sometimes. We can’t always get what we want, and time waits for no one.”

“I’m actually a little bit sad about this. I was soo ready to bury the hatchet, and now I don’t get to. It’s soo unfair!”

“I know. I know,” he said trying to comfort her.

The next morning, Giancarlo was keen on keeping an eye on his wife. He had no idea what she would do with this information seeing as how pregnancy already made her emotional.

11-19-14_7-50 PM

“Good morning, BJ.”

She didn’t answer and joined her brother in the dining room.

“What’s eating you,” Brandon asked.

“I went to mom’s last night, and neither of them were there. I called Brittany to see where they were, and she was drunk out of her mind. She said mom died!”

11-19-14_7-52 PM

“And she didn’t tell us?!”

“She said she was too depressed.”

“I should be really sad,” Brandon said. “Why aren’t I really sad?”

“You know why,” Bianca said.

“But she’s our mom. We should be sad.”

“I was. Now I’m not. Now I’m just mad!”

Everyone went about their business and enjoyed the rest of their Sunday afternoon. Brandon spent lots of time with Lance while Giancarlo practically followed Bianca everywhere she went.

11-19-14_7-55 PM

11-19-14_7-57 PM

“Hey…are you sure you’re ok?”

“You don’t have to keep checking on me you know.”

“I don’t want you to get all explosive again, so I need to know that you’re really ok.”

“OH! Come here, quick! Feel!”

11-19-14_7-58 PM

“Wow! That’s soo magical. I just wrote another song. Wanna hear it?”


Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

You are my heart and soul

Each and every day, love put to the test

Winning is the goal

Two became one, and next there’ll be three

The family tree is growing

Eternal love sent from above, given so tenderly

Love you forever, I’m going

11-19-14_7-59 PM

“You’re soo amazing, Giancarlo,” she cried.

Outside, Brandon caught up to Lance on the playground.

11-19-14_8-05 PM

“Hey sailor! Seen any sea monster around here?”

“Oh yeah! Three big ones! But I blasted with my cannon.”

He hopped down of the boat to make a request.

11-19-14_8-08 PM

“Daddy can we pleeeeease play chess pleeeease?”

“Sure we can!”

11-19-14_8-09 PM

“I’ll race ya. Last one upstairs gets fed to the sea monsters!”

“Hey! Wait up!”

11-19-14_8-10 PM

“So, Lance, it’s been a very long time since I played this game. You’re going to have to teach me, ok?”

“Ok daddy!”

Lance was already pretty good at chess and was a good teacher. He taught Brandon everything he knew about chess. When Amira came home, she knew exactly where she would find her son.

11-19-14_8-12 PM

“How are my boys?”

“I’m beating daddy!!”

“Oh really? That’s great! It’s not nice to gloat though. Ok, Lance,” Amira said.


The next morning, Bianca was awakened much earlier than normal. She also woke up feeling energized which was an odd feeling seeing as how the pregnancy made her soo drained. She went downstairs to burn off some of the energy so she could go back to sleep.

“A little running never hurt anyone,” she thought.

She ran for about an hour before she started having other strange sensations.

11-19-14_8-23 PM

“Ooooh, maybe I should turn this down a little. Don’t know what that was, but it sure didn’t feel good!”

11-19-14_8-38 PM

She ran for a few more minutes before she wasn’t able to run anymore. She just did not feel well at all.

“Note to self,” she thought. “No more running after the third trimester!”

11-19-14_8-38 PM-2

Shortly after she got off of the treadmill, her labor pains began and she knew why she had felt soo strange.

“Oh my! Giancarlo is going to kill me.”

11-19-14_8-39 PM

“Honey…I need you,” she said in her most pitiful voice.

“Why are you wearing your workout clothes? Were you running again?!”

She couldn’t even play this one down.


11-19-14_8-40 PM

“And now you’re in labor.”

“Yes! Can you take me to the hospital?”

“Maybe next time you’ll listen to me!”

11-19-14_8-41 PM-2

“You’re not the boss of me!! If I want to run, I’m going to run! Now take me to the hospital NOW!!”

11-19-14_8-43 PM

“Whooooa there, sister! Calm down. I’ll get you there.”

11-19-14_8-44 PM

“I’m sorry, Giancarlo! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“It’s called ‘labor,’ babe. Let’s go meet our baby.”

11-19-14_8-44 PM-2

The Sheridans went to the hospital and came out with a wonderful surprise.

“Oh my goodness, Giancarlo! We have twins!!”

11-19-14_8-50 PM

Giancarlo began laughing to himself.

“He he he…50 babies!”

11-19-14_8-51 PM

Meet Cadence Marie (right) and Melody Christina (left) Sheridan!

11-19-14_8-52 PM

Brittany showed up unannounced to meet her new nieces although Bianca hadn’t spoken to her since her episode at the bar.

“Oh look, Cadence,” Bianca said. “It’s your Aunt Brittany! Why don’t you tell your sister Melody to ask her what she’s doing here.”

11-19-14_8-55 PM

“Hiiiiii, Melody,” Brittany cooed. “Tell your mommy I just wanted to meet you little ladies. And tell her that I will speak with her later.”

11-19-14_8-55 PM-2

Giancarlo and Bianca fell into their new roles quite nicely. They took turns with each daughter so not to have a favorite.

11-19-14_8-57 PM

They got them to sleep with no trouble at all, and they congratulated themselves.

“Oh, BJ! This is soo great! I wouldn’t want this life with any other person but you!”

11-19-14_8-59 PM

“How are you feeling anyway? It must have been very tough to deliver two babies. Here, let me take care of you now.”

“You’re soo good to me, Giancarlo!”

11-19-14_9-02 PM

As she enjoyed her husband’s touch and her babies’ coos, she briefly thought of her mother. How could anyone not want this life, she thought. No sooner than the new parents could take their first break, the girls made it known that they were hungry.

“Hmmm…I seem to be at a disadvantage here….”

Bianca laughed and said, “Just use the bottle, silly head.”

11-19-14_9-06 PM

“I knew that. You knew it too, didn’t you, Mel?”

11-19-14_9-06 PM-2

After coming through soo much in her life, it’s quite understandable why Bianca didn’t smile much. But after being introduced to these two little darlings, all Bianca could do was smile. This was the happiest she had ever been in her life.

11-19-14_8-58 PM


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  • Yay for lots of babies! I’m so excited to see them grow up. I think I’m liking Lance so that’s good. Also? I keep wanting Ainsley and Jaxton to have another baby, but I love how quiet the house is.

    • It’s funny…I went from a small house to almost full house in like two seconds!! Oh well. Did you see my dilemma on the forums? I want to know what you think. Have another baby! I’d like to see the sisters terrorize a little brother. Well, terrorize or completely spoil him lol.But take a little break and enjoy the quiet for a little while 🙂

      • I haven’t been on the forums yet today. I’m baking some pumpkin spice quick bread. Will hop on when I’m done 🙂
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          • Ha! I love baking. On December 6th, I will be at my mom’s with my cousin and best friend and we bake dozens upon dozens of cookies: peanut butter, chocolate mint, oatmeal raisin, coconut chocolate chip, Reese’s peanut butter cup, chocolate chip, etc. If you send me your address, I’ll put together a tin of them for you! And that pie sounds delicious! Mmmm…caramel and pecan. Yeah. I could see why your friend requested such. He.

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          • Thanks!! I’m super excited about the cookies. My family doesn’t have any cool traditions like that. Well…we don’t have traditions period lol.

    • For real. I was so mad when I saw she wasn’t part of the house, but I think for the story it worked better that she died.

        • Nope. You only get notifications for the active house, so I have to keep checking in on everyone to see who’s alive and dead. That’s how you end up with chapters like the failure to communicate one when it’s like, “…oh by the way, so in so is dead…oh, you didn’t know?” lol

  • Awww Twinsies!!! I love their names are Melody and Cadence and G is a musician!!! I also love the twins have MC and CM as their initials!!

    So sad you didn’t know Maliyah had passed!! It did add interesting drama between the sisters though. I also loved how Bianca and Brittney talked to the girls rather than each other. Nice touch!!

    • Oh yes. You know Giancarol named them that. 😛 lol Honestly? I didn’t realize the MC and CM thing until just now! LOL how cute is that! Bianca and Brittany always have interesting drama. This piece will further fuel future ones.

  • This couple makes me melt… And their twins have so great names! 😀 Giancarlo probably won’t ever use their other names, haha.
    So Maliyah passed away and Brittany didn’t tell her sister? Guess she’s still coping herself.

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