Chapter 70: Time Flies

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“Mmmmmmm,” Giancarlo said, wafting his breakfast. “I swear, my wife makes THE best pancakes!”

“Yeah…she definitely has grandma’s skills.”

“We are the luckiest men in the world, Brandon. How is it that we have hot wives who cook well…well, mine cooks well, we have great children, but neither of us have real jobs and our wives don’t complain?”

“We’re just good like that, bro,” he said, high fiving Giancarlo.

Their lives did indeed seem perfect. The Pruett boys were getting along despite Allen’s hotheadedness and Lance bossing him around. Sometimes Brandon thought that he had the heir talk with him a tad bit too soon.

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The Sheridan darlings were quite the pair, always playing together, never fighting.

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One evening, Kolby paid the family a visit.

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Brandon answered the door and invited him in.

“What’s up, little cuzzo! You know…the word on the street is that you are in love, cuz!”

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“You know? Man! I wanted to tell you about it myself!”

“It’s ok, dude. This town is waaaay too small to keep secrets. Come sit. Tell me all about her.”

“Her name is Taylor! She is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!”

“Where did you meet her?”

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“Honestly, I was just standing outside the library, and she walked by! She took my breath away…I just had to say hello, so I did! We hit it off REALLY well, and I asked her to hang out with me. We went to The Blue Velvet, and we had SO much fun. Next thing I know I was asking her to be my girlfriend! Isn’t that crazy?”

“I’ve heard crazier things. So what is she like? Where is she from?”

“She was born in Shang Simla, but she grew up in Riverview. She said she moved here to get away from country life. But get this! She LOVES music just like me! I think that’s how we hit it off so well. We can rhapsodize about piano sonatas all night long.”

“I have no idea what that is, but it sounds romantic. So…things seem to be going well…what do you need me for?”

“I want to ask her to marry me!”

Brandon suddenly got choked up as he thought about Kolby’s life.

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“Dude…are you crying??”

“No, of course not! I just got a little dust in my eyes. You know Amira never cleans these drapes!”

“You’re crying, Brandon. It’s ok. I won’t tell anyone!”

“This is crazy man! I remember when you were born! I was like 16. I changed your diaper once, and it was the most disgusting, foul thing EVER! I haven’t changed a diaper since.”

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“Seriously? That’s hilarious!”

“So what are you thinking about doing? I mean, it sounds like anything you do will end up positively.”

“How did you propose to Amira?”

“I did it on the front porch…as she was pressuring me to woo hoo!”

“Yeah…that wasn’t helpful at all…thanks.”

“Kolby, seriously…it doesn’t matter when or where you do it. Just get down on one knee and say whatever is in your heart. She won’t say no!”

“You think so?”

“If she’s as great as you say…yeah!”

“Ok. I’ll do it!”

Bianca was working out one afternoon when she got a surprise visit from her cousin.

“Mackinzie! What are you doing here? You were supposed to call me when you got home from the hospital! I’ve been worried!”

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“Girl…I came over here to use your gym! Those babies did a number on me.”

Those babies?? You had twins?!”

“Yeah! Thanks, cousin,” she said sarcastically. “Thanks for speaking twins into existence.”

“Hey…now you have twice the love!”

“Twice the love…twice the poop, twice the noise! I’m too old for this! But it’s wonderful. I know I’ll be dead before they’re teens, but I’m glad to have experienced this…even for just a little while.”

“Forget the gym! Take me to these babies!!”

She ran upstairs and got Giancarlo and made sure the girls kept themselves occupied while they were gone. When they arrived at the Lopes-Aleman house, Bianca went straight to where the babies lay and found Skylar.

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“Ah! You must be Bianca,” he said as he got up to greet her.”

“And you must be the famous Skylar Aleman.”

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“It is a pleasure to meet you.”


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“Ah! Giancarlo! I hear you’re the reason we’re together! I am very pleased to make your acquaintance!”

“Nice to meet you, Skylar.”

The Sheridan’s picked up the babies and welcomed them to the family.

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“Giancarlo, you are holding my son, Mack–I named him for Mackinzie, and Bianca, you have my daughter, Theresa. I’ll let you four meet. Excuse me a moment.”

Skylar left the room and Bianca and Giancarlo discussed their impressions.

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“So,” Giancarlo said. “What do you think of him?”

“He’s a bit formal, I know that!”

“Yeah…very young too.”

“But I hear he loves her dearly.”

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“That’s all that matters, right,” she continued.

“Yep. Love conquers all. Awww, look! They’re asleep. We should get outta here.”

They went and found the lovebirds, and Serena, in the other bedroom.

“Where’s my manners,” Giancarlo said. “I never congratulated you! They’re beautiful children.”

“Thank you, my good man.”

The men exited the room and went to the living room to talk while the women remained.

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“So,” Mackinzie pried. “What do you think of him?”

“Well…I may have been a little over zealous before. He seems great. A bit quirky, but great.”

“I love his quirkiness! I’m so glad I found him.”

“Ok…enough of this love talk,” Serena interrupted. “I swear I will puke all over this room!”

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A couple days later, Kolby called Brandon and Giancarlo over to his house.

“Sooooo…how did it go,” Brandon asked.

“She said yes!!”

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“Of course she did,” Giancarlo said. “How can any woman say no to guys like us?”

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“I want to get married tomorrow night. Nothing fancy. Just a a couple family members at the arch at the museum.”

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“That sounds great,” Brandon exclaimed.

“You let me know if you need me to play, Kolby. I’ll bring my violin just in case!”

“You guys are the best! I’m glad you’re both here.”

“I’m sure your parents are very proud of you, Kolby.”

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So, the next night as promised, Kolby invited just a few family members and had a nice, short, simple ceremony. The event was over within an hour.

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