Chapter 73: Sisterly Love

The childrens’ bus ride is typically not that long, but this particular day, the ride was extremely long for Cadence. She had to listen to Melody yap incessantly about Paxton. Melody talked and talked and talked until Cadence had enough.

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“OMG, Mel! Would you STOP talking about Paxton already? I’m sick of hearing about him!”

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“Whoa…what’s eating you?”

“YOU are! Ever since our birthday, all you talk about is getting a boyfriend! And every time we go to the park, you’re looking for someone new to talk to. Am I not enough company for you anymore??”

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“Is that what you think? Cadence…I love hanging out with you. I really do! I just want to experience hanging out with other Sims…who happen to be boys. Don’t you?”

“Well, sure I do! But it doesn’t consume me! I mean, you spend all of your spare time at the park! And when you’re not at the park, you’re on your phone. We don’t even talk anymore unless you’re telling me about this plumming Paxton!”

“I’m sorry, sis. I didn’t know you felt that way. I thought you had your own friends.”

“YOU are my friend! You and Lance, and he’s always trying to charm some girl. I just feel left out.”

“Ok…so, let’s find you a boyfriend!

“I don’t want a boyfriend…I want my sister!”

“I know Cadence, but…hold on.”

Melody got a text from Paxton, and Cadence almost blew her top.

12-04-14_7-45 PM




“Sorry…what was I saying?”

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“Nevermind. Just go to the park with your wanna be boyfriend.”

“Cadence, I–”

“Just go!”

Cadence did want to find companionship with some young Sim, but she saw how it was taking over Melody’s life and she wasn’t sure if she wanted that anymore. She still had romantic feelings at times, because after all she was a romantic. She just really missed her sister. It was strange because twins usually stick together, but Melody was definitely seeking independence from Cadence. Not because she didn’t like her company, but because she sought life outside the estate. Cadence was going to have to get used to the idea of not being around her and develop a life of her own.

The next day was Bianca’s big adventure to the world of gray hair and aching backs, and Giancarlo wanted it to be special. He decided to do a surprise party. After Bianca arrived home, she went straight to the deck and put some steaks on the grill. With her out of the picture for a little while, Giancarlo went to work. He called every relative he knew and invited them to come if they could, but he told them to stay outside.

12-04-14_8-01 PM

He cleaned up and tried to hurry the children along with their homework.

“Cadence, honey, please! I told you to start your homework two hours ago! She’s gonna come in any minute now!”

“I know, daddy! I’m almost finished.”

“You too, Lance,” Amira said.

I’m done with mine,” Allen teased.

“Good. Go outside and let the guest know they can come inside in ten minutes,” Giancarlo ordered.

12-04-14_8-02 PM

The teens finally finished their homework and cleared their books from the table. Cadence joined Melody and her mother outside. They sent texts to each other so Bianca couldn’t hear.








12-04-14_7-53 PM

For whatever reason, Melody decided to begin her homework and went and knelt down next to her mother.

“Honey…what are you doing? Don’t sit down next to the grill like that, please.”

“I’m just doing my homework.”

“Do it somewhere else please.”

“Can I go to the park later?”

12-04-14_7-56 PM

“Mel, you’ve been to the park every night this week! Why don’t you just stay in tonight and have dinner with your family.”

“We have dinner together every night, mom!”

“Correction. WE have dinner every night! YOU are always missing these days. I know you think chasing these boys is the utmost importance, but you’re wrong. These boys will drop you like a hot potato, but your family will always be around. Besides…your last few report cards haven’t been good…at all! You need to be spending time studying. No park tonight!”

12-04-14_7-55 PM

“But mom! I already said I would be there!”

“Why would you do a silly thing like that? I said no.”


“No! Finish your homework!”

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Melody got up and stormed to her room. Cadence and Bianca grabbed a plate of juicy steaks and headed to the dining room where a room full of happy people awaited her. They were a little caught off guard seeing as how Giancarlo forgot to assign a lookout. Although, he wasn’t sure why Cadence just didn’t do it.

“What’s going on in here? A family meeting I wasn’t invited to,” Bianca asked.

“Surprise,” yelled Elissa.

“You guys! You shouldn’t have!”

12-04-14_8-09 PM

“Oh yes we should,” Giancarlo said as he ushered her to the cake.

Bianca took a deep breath as she blew away her youth and put out all of the candles.

12-04-14_8-10 PM

“Look at you,” Giancarlo raved. “You’re even more beautiful with your silvery locks. Why don’t you go put on your regular clothes so everyone can see you.”

12-04-14_8-11 PM-2

She excused herself for a few minutes while she changed her clothes and quickly came back to the party.

“Here she is folks! The most beautiful woman in the world…”

12-04-14_8-12 PM-3

“…and she’s mine all mine! She makes me want to sing…and I just wrong a song [ahem]

Sweeter than honey, better than money

She means everything to me

Softer than cashmere, she is my world here

She is the cadence to my melody!

12-04-14_8-12 PM

Everyone enjoyed his impromptu entertainment, but the mush fest was a bit too much for Elissa.

“Giancarlo, I love you. I love you all! Thank you for making this a happy occasion. Please, everyone have some cake!”

Everyone gathered around the cake to take a slice. She looked around the room and noticed that her sister was nowhere to be found. She slipped away from her guests the first chance she got to call her.

12-04-14_8-16 PM

“Brittany, where are you?…Champs Les Sims?…What are you doing there?…Oh…a concert….That’s great….No, I’m happy for you….Seriously, I am….I know I don’t sound ok, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you….Because you’re never around!…You show up when you want to show up….You’re never here when we really need you….No you weren’t!…You were wasted, and then you show up two days later like nothing ever happened!…No…no!…I’m not gonna do this with you right now….You’ve clearly forgotten that today is the last birthday I’ll ever have! I’m in a good mood, and you’re not gonna ruin it for me….No, you’re too late! Bye!”

She took a couple deep breaths and choked back some tears before she went back to her guests. She was determined to not let her sister get her down again.

“Hey guys! Thank you soo much for coming. It really means a lot to me.”

12-04-14_8-19 PM

“Cousin Bianca,” Skylar said, “the pleasure is always ours when we are in your presence.”

“How are my adorable little cousins? My girls, Lance, and Allen always see them at the park. You should bring them by some time.”

“Quite right. Quite right,” Skylar said.

Bianca watched everyone dance and have a good time. She was grateful to have such a wonderful extended family, especially when her immediately family didn’t behave well.

12-04-14_8-20 PM

She danced for a little while before she decided to just sit back and observe. Giancarlo joined her on the couch.

12-04-14_8-21 PM

“Hey there, birthday lady! We lost you for a while. Everything alright?”

“Yep. Not talking about it today.”

“Ok. Did you enjoy the cake?”

“It was delicious.”

“I made it!”

“YOU made the cake?”

12-04-14_8-22 PM

“Yes! I can sometimes navigate my way around the kitchen!”

“Well! You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes, ma-lady. Oh yes.”

“I see. So, what else don’t I know about you?”

12-04-14_8-22 PM-2

“Uhhh…I was T-Rex in my former life….”

“You’re a riot! Still!!”

“What you’re about to learn, my dear, is that nothing changes after this birthday. Sure, your hair and skin are different, and you ache a lot…and you start thinking about death…but other than that, everything is the same!”


“So, did you enjoy your birthday?”

12-04-14_8-25 PM

“It was wonderful. I didn’t expect you to go through all this trouble for me.”

“For you, I would swim to the ends of the earth…nine times…with no floaties.”

“I love you soo much, Giancarlo. I think you seriously saved my life. I don’t know where I would be or what I would be like if I had never met you.”

12-04-14_8-27 PM

I would most definitely have been a completely different Sim. I probably would not have been a musician today. I would have been working 70 hours a week at a job I hated, wining and dining Sims, and probably would have had like 14 children by like 11 Sims!”

“You were a wild one, eh?”

“Oh yes. But you…you saved me from myself, and I thank you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

12-04-14_8-26 PM-2

“Soooo…about your birthday present…you’ll have to meet me upstairs.”

“Couldn’t come up with your own idea, eh?”

“Oh no…this is totally different. You’ll love it!”

“So…on behalf of the elders’ club, I would like to extend to you a hearty welcome. I have been sent by the elders’ council to ensure that you are fully indoctrinated to the ways of the elderhood.”

“Ways of the elderhood….”

“Yes! We have all kinds of ways. If you meet me under the covers, I’ll show you one!”

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