Chapter 74: We Need to Fix This

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Melody was still stewing over not being able to go to the park the other night. Sure enough, she arose very early on Saturday morning and began again.

“Can I go to the park today please,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Not with that kind of attitude,” Bianca said. “Maybe you should go back to bed and start over.”

“GRRRR,” she growled and stormed off to her room.

“Whoa,” Giancarlo said. “That was pretty intense! I’m glad you handled it. I probably just would have let her go, heh.”

“We have to stick to our guns, babe. These kids will not run over us!”

“I’m gonna start calling you Sarge!”

“Whatever. Don’t make me out to be ‘the mean one.’ What do you have going on today?”

“Not much. I’m gonna start working on a new song. Why?”

“I’m going out for a while. Do you think you can handle her?”

“Of course! We have a united front. Where are you going?”


“Oh. Everything cool?”


“Ok. I’m sure you’ll tell me about it when you’re ready.”


She went to the kitchen to make omelets for everyone before she went upstairs to get ready for this long overdue conversation. She was anxious yet excited about it because this is the first time she would actually be able to go through with mending a relationship. We all remember her last opportunity was stolen from her. She decided that she would walk this time so she could have time to clear her head before she arrived.

“Hey, sis.”

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“Bianca! How nice! I just got back in town last night. I had such a wonderful time!”

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“Oh! I brought back a couple bottles of nectar for you and cuteness, and Brandon and Amira. And I got some little trinkets for the kids. That place…I tell you, it was soo beautiful! I could live there. So, what brings you over here so early?”

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“I just wanted to…we need to talk, Brittany.”

“Ok. What’s going on?”

“We need to fix this.”

“Fix what?”

“THIS! This thing between us.”

Brittany was confused. She wasn’t aware they had a “thing” between them.

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“Oh come on, Brittany. You really don’t see it?”

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“I mean, I know you get mad at me, but I thought it was because you’re mean. I just thought you were like…overly emotional.”

“Over emotional? Really, Brittany? That’s what you’ve been thinking all these years? What, so you just think that your little sister was just throwing adult size tantrums or something??”

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“Brittany! Why are you so blind?”

“What is it, Bee?? What have I done to make you so upset all the time?”

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“You’re never here for me!!”

“What do you mean? I’ve been around the corner. You can call me whenever you want.”

“YOU’RE NOT LISTENING! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen you in the past 30 years! When you moved over here, you left me! You created your own life and never thought about what I may have been going through! You’re the older sister! You should have been taking care of me!”

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“Why would I need to take care of you? I left you in good hands. What would you need from me?”

“I needed YOU! I needed your advice, your friendship…I needed a sister!”

Brittany took a moment to take Bianca’s words in. She still didn’t totally understand, but she was trying.

“So…let me get this straight….You feel like I walked out on you, and that’s why you’re always frustrated with me?”

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“Bianca…I didn’t know you cared so much! I thought you didn’t like me.”

“Why would you think that?”

“You were always making fun of me about taking mom’s side and calling me ‘mommy’s girl.'”

“Brittany, please! I was a teenager! I was emotional! We were all going through it. Look…let me break it down for you…”

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“Mom divorced dad, you left, and the only woman I had left was Asia. She was great, but she shouldn’t have been thrown in that position. You came by to check on dad ONE time after it happened. You never checked on me, or Brandon. You just ran off and forgot all about us! I started seeing Giancarlo…I talked to Asia. Dad died…I had Giancarlo. You never even came by!! The first time I saw you again was at my wedding…to play the piano! You should have been at the house helping me to get ready! But no, I had Asia! I was pregnant…you never came by. Mom died, and you drowned your sorrows with strangers at a bar instead of coming to your own family! And then you show up to meet my children like nothing ever happened? I saw you briefly at Kolby’s wedding. And now I’ve had my last birthday, and you’re out of the country and didn’t even call me. You didn’t even remember it was my birthday!”

“So, pretty much you’re saying that I’m a terrible sister.”

“If the shoe fits!”

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“You win! I suck at being a sister. You needed me and I wasn’t around. I get it. I don’t really know what to say, Bee. I can’t give you the time back.”

“But you can make it right for the time we have left.”

“You’re right. I will.”

“I mean…my kids have an aunt they don’t even know. That’s just wrong! You have to do better, Brittany. Promise me?”

“I promise.”

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“So, tell me more about France! Did you hook-up with all hot Frenchmen, seeing as how you’re still foot-loosed and fancy free?

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“You know…most of the guys there were married. It was soo strange. I just went over there, did my show, did the tourist thing, and came back home. Nothing terribly exciting. But it really was beautiful. I enjoyed it.”

Bianca’s phone vibrated. It was a text from her husband.

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“Oh boy….”

“What is it?”



“My husband…long story. It looks like Melody is having a meltdown again. Geez! He said he could handle it!”

“What’s going on with her?”


“Ohhh. Thank goodness we didn’t give our parents that kind of trouble.”

“Yeah. But what did I do to deserve it? Ok…I have to go. I’ll call you later. I’m glad we talked. You don’t know how much of a weight has been lifted from me.”

“I never asked you…why were you looking for mom that night?”

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“I was gonna tell her that I forgave her and I wanted her in my life. I wanted her to meet Giancarlo and show her that I was pregnant. You know…bury the hatchet.”

“Ohh Bianca. I’m soooo sorry. I feel like an idiot now.”

“Hey…forget about it. That was many moons ago. I had Giancarlo and Asia to help me through. It’s in the past now. I forgive you…for everything! I don’t want another person to die without me forgiving them.”

“I’m not going anywhere for a little while, but thanks. Ok, girlie…go handle your child.”

“Love you, Brittany.”

“Love you too, lil’ sis.”

For the first time in her life, she felt free and clear. There was nothing looming over her to cloud her mind. She left Brittany’s feeling renewed and full of energy. She jogged all the way home…smiling.

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