Chapter 75: Family Night

After Bianca’s refreshing jog home, she promptly went and “handled” the situation with Melody. She left her in her room and closed the door. I love my children, I love my children, I love my children, she said to herself over and over again.

“So…how did it go,” Giancarlo asked.

“Dude, she’s trying to play you against me! United front, remember?”

“I know! I’m sorry. She was just soo cute!”

“She’s not a puppy you know. That’s what girls do! Don’t let her get to you again.”

“Yes, Sarge!”

“Shut up.”

It was a typical Saturday afternoon at the Pruett Estate. Cadence took over the gardening responsibilities to help her in her botany studies, Lance was working on his comedic abilities, Amira danced the afternoon away, Melody was sulking in her room, Bianca and Giancarlo spent time together, and Brandon and Allen had a competition going.

12-06-14_11-39 PM

“I bet you I’ll beat your high score, daddy!”

“I don’t think you can, kid. But…because today is your birthday, I will let you win this round.”


Amira was famous for missing birthdays, and she didn’t want to earn anymore demerits. When the afternoon began to drift into evening, she went into the kitchen and baked a cake for her baby boy. She called everyone who was available to the dining room to surprise Allen.

12-06-14_11-58 PM

“He’s coming,” Amira whispered.

The house was very quiet, minus Giancarlo’s violin playing, and Allen was confused. He wondered where everyone went and sauntered into the dining like fly following light.

“Surprise,” everyone yelled.

“Happy birthday, son,” Amira shouted.

“Heeeey! You guys tricked me,” Allen said.

12-06-14_11-59 PM

“Go ahead and blow out the candles, big boy,” Brandon said.

Brandon looked back at Amira, amazed that they were about to have two teenage boys and wondered where the time went. Allen blew out the candles and inherited his mother’s love for the outdoors and a slight variance of her romance. He wants to be a serial romantic!

12-07-14_12-02 AM


After the party, Lance decided that it was time he shared his craft with this family. He called the adults into the music room to test out the routine he wrote. They were a very tough crowd. Pruetts typically weren’t funny people–at least not funny enough to be comedians. Brandon and Bianca were skeptical. They wanted the best for Lance and wasn’t sure if he had what it took to be really good. It just wasn’t a very “Pruett-like” profession. Besides, Brandon was a snob, and comedy really wasn’t his thing. Amira just wanted Lance to be happy and for Brandon and Bianca to accept what he chose to do. She was watching them the entire time in hopes that Lance could win them over.

12-06-14_11-52 PM

But after a few jokes, they were laughing their heads off. Brandon was very proud. He knew right then that he would make it and would be very famous. Amira was relieved at Brandon’s reaction.

12-06-14_11-52 PM-2

Bianca couldn’t stop laughing.

“When did this kid get to be so funny??”

12-06-14_11-45 PM

At the end of the night, Brandon went for a run on the treadmill, and Lance joined him.

12-07-14_12-14 AM

“So, dad,” he said between grunts, “how did you like my set?”

“It was good.”



“Do you think I could go all the way?”

“I know you will!”


“You’re a Pruett! We’re good at everything we do.”

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