Chapter 77: Time Flies

Giancarlo had a secret he had been keeping to himself:  he wasn’t ready to die yet. Most Sims to get his age and feel fulfilled and ready, but he felt like his life was just beginning. But, if he learned anything from the Pruett family it was that The Grim Reaper was not a respecter of Sims, and whether he was ready or not, his time was approaching fast. But, he remained his lively, zany self, and no one suspected a thing.

He got up very early on Monday morning hoping to catch his children before school. Originally he thought he was doing them a favor by letting them grow up to be independent Sims, but he decided that he needed to spend more time with them. Luckily for him, Cadence was up early as well.

12-07-14_7-54 PM

“Good morning, sweet pea!”

“Hi, daddy!”

“How is my little angel?”

“Why do you and mom always call me an angel?”

“Ehhhh…so I hear you’re doing well in school,” he said trying to avoid that conversation.

“I’m doing ok. I got a B.”

“Well that’s good! So, have you, ummm…made any new friends?”

“Really, daddy? Why don’t you just ask me what you really want to ask me.”

“You’re soo smart. Have you met any boys?”

“I met two last night. One was nice and quiet, and the other was loud and obnoxious. They’re roommates in a boarding house.”

“Oh! Poor guys,” he said hoping that he didn’t die while they were still in school.

Bianca came down to make breakfast, and Melody joined her in the kitchen. She immediately started talking about their evening in the park. Bianca wondered how anyone could have so much to discuss before 6 a.m.

12-07-14_7-54 PM-2

“…and there were sooooo many other teens there! It was amazing! We made soo many new friends!”

“Sounds like you had fun.”

“I did, mom!”

“See what happens when you do what you’re supposed to do?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Whatever you’re making, BJ, I’m ready for it!”

Bianca finished making the French toast and called everyone to eat. Just as she was finished her breakfast, she got a phone call.

12-07-14_7-57 PM

“Who is this calling so early?? Hello? Oh! Hi, Serena. How are you?…Oh!…OH!…I’m soo sorry!…WHAT?!…Oh no…oh my goodness…ok…ok. Thanks for calling.”

“Oh wow,” she said staring at the table.

12-07-14_7-58 PM-2

“What’s that?”

“Mackinzie died. And then she went to Brittany’s to tell her, and she found her dead too!”

“Oh good heavens! I’m soo sorry to hear that!”

“Who’s Mackinzie and Brittany,” Allen asked.

“They’re our family, idiot,” Lance said.

“Hey,” Amira yelled. “Stop it you two!”

“Are you ok, BJ?”

“Yeah. I think I’m ok. I need to tell Brandon.”

Bianca slowly got up from her chair and dragged her feet to the kitchen.

12-07-14_8-00 PM

“Hey…ummm…Brittany is dead. Mackinzie too.”

“Wow. Ok,” he said fighting back a few tears.

“I have to go.”

“Yeah, yeah. Go.”

She left him to have a private moment. He wasn’t very close with Brittany or Mackinzie, but no matter the status of the relationship, no one ever wants to lose a sibling. Bianca also wanted to have a private moment, and went to sit in the den to remember the good childhood memories seeing as how the teenage ones were clouded with pain. She smiled to herself when she thought about their conversation from just two days ago. Tears formed in her eyes when she recalled their last hug and her telling Brittany that she loved her. They were good tears. Giancarlo knew she had to be at work in a few minutes and wanted to make sure she was ok.

“Can’t you call in sick or something?”

“I’m fine, babe. I really am. I’m just so glad that we worked things out before she went.”

“Man, I don’t even know what to say right now. I just want to wrap you in my arms and not let anything else bad happen to you!”

“You’re very sweet, but I promise I’m ok.”

“Ok. At least let me kiss you before you go.”

12-07-14_8-03 PM

“I love you. Try to have a good day at work.”

“I love you too.”

12-07-14_8-04 PM

She left for work, and left him with his thoughts. One while he felt like the luckiest Sim in the world and the next he was worried that may have been the last time he kissed his wife. He knew he had a few days left, but that was what scared him. He had no clue when he was going to die.

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