Chapter 8: God Must Love Me

Most days I have very few goals: spend time with my beautiful wife, my precious child, and make as much money as possible outside of work. I take on freelance jobs as well as create mobile apps. I feel that the end is near, and I want to leave my family in a comfortable position.

My Joy, she really is precious. She’s always smiling and following me around. I must have done something good to deserve such a sweet, tiny blessing.

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09-30-14_5-02 PM

One night I was reading to her, and Sandra came in excited about something. She was rambling on about nothing a million miles a minute. I seem to be having deja vu.

09-30-14_4-47 PM

“Baby, slow down. What is it?”

09-30-14_4-47 PM-2


09-30-14_4-48 PM


I was getting too old for all this excitement. I had to sit down and enjoy the moment.

“X, are you ok?”

“Oh, Sandra, I am more than ok. My legacy lives!”

09-30-14_4-49 PM

Sandra cleared her throat, and I noticed that Joy was still with us. She wasn’t happy the first time we talked about siblings, and she didn’t look happy this time!

09-30-14_4-49 PM-2

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