Chapter 80: What Does this Mean

After guests went home, and the children went to bed, Bianca took the guestbook to her office for a special project. In this digital age, she wanted to ensure that her family and friends’ comforting words would be around forever. She wanted to make an online scrapbook to store the pictures from the day as well as everyone’s condolences. But, of course, before she got started she wanted to read them.

“Gosh…that Skylar is soo sweet!…CathyTea…who’s that? Must be one of Giancarlo’s old Bridgeport friends…Hmmm…nice poem though….Mrs. Robinson…who…wait…Mrs. Robinson??”

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“She’s real?? What does this mean?”

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Meanwhile, in the dining room, the Pruetts were trying to piece things together.

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“Your speech was nice,” Amira said.


Apart from last night’s sleep, they hadn’t been alone together since their date. Things were definitely awkward and they were fishing for things to say in order to make it through dinner. Brandon was over the small talk and needed to get down to business.

“I need to know something before you leave in a couple days.”

“I thought I was leaving because we didn’t want to talk about it.”

“You’re leaving because we need to evaluate if this marriage can continue. But, I can’t make a decision if I do not have substantial evidence.”

“That’s fair. What would you like to know?”

“What did you mean when you said you ‘did what you had to do’ to get me to like you? Have you been using me?”

“Of course not, Brandon! I thought I explained already.”

“We were both exhausted and frustrated. I need to hear it now that you’re coherent and rational.”

“[sigh] I liked you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I didn’t know why, because I didn’t even know you, but I did. You know that my woo hoo drive is strong. That’s the only way I know to show my love. I don’t know how else to be! I wanted that with you, but I knew I couldn’t just throw my arms around you after I introduced myself. So I got to know you better. I’m not accustomed to talking all night and doing the things that we did, but I did them because I wanted you and that was the only way to have you. That’s what I meant . I had to do what I had to do which was very different from what I normally did. I wasn’t trying to trap you or whatever else you said.”

Brandon listened and analyzed everything she said. It gave him a small amount of comfort to know that he had just misinterpreted what she said, but there was something about that story that still didn’t sit well with him. He still felt there was some level of entrapment there.

“So, let me get this straight. You liked me, you wanted me, so you turned yourself into someone I would like?”

“No! Well…I know it sounds that way, but no. I was not trying to deceive you! I just had to be different…for myself!”

“That doesn’t make sense, Amira. But, whatever. When Allen gets home tomorrow, we’ll tell them that you’re leaving.”

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Chapter 81: Love Like Medicine

18 thoughts on “Chapter 80: What Does this Mean”

  • I have this love-hate relationship with Amira. On one hand, I love her looks and what she brought into the Pruett gene pool (though I will miss that classic Pruett look). I like her back story, being from Al Simhara, as she really actually does look Egyptian, in my opinion.

    I can also relate to her comment, “You know that my woo hoo drive is strong. That’s the only way I know to show my love.” At my boarding school we had this presentation on ‘love languages,’ and one of them is ‘physical touch’ – they constantly want to be near, touch, ‘woo hoo’, etc. to show their love, and that’s my love language (and obviously Amira’s). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all person-space-invade-y or anything, I’m actually really, really selective about who I show my ‘love language’ to — I really hate strangers/acquaintances hugging me or sitting too close to me and stuff. It’s weird. Anyway.

    Where Amira and Brandon went wrong is that Amira should have loved Brandon in HIS love language, which I’m assuming is ‘words of affirmation’ or ‘quality time,’ and he should be the one ‘instigating’ the physical touch, for Amira’s sake. When you “love” someone, you’re suppose to want them to be happy, right? Brandon and Amira both seemed to be kind of selfish with their love — they both wanted what they wanted and didn’t seem to care much about what the other wanted. I think Amira had good intentions, she was just kind of…ignorant. She didn’t know how to love. *cue Lil Wayne*

  • Amira!!! Oh my gosh back pedal much lady?? So Brandon called you on your selfishness and now you’re saying that you wanted him so you did what he expected even though you would have rather just hit the sheets???

    Man oh man, I seriously have such a problem with her. I hope when she leaves he doesn’t allow her to return!

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