Chapter 85: The Trouble With Paxton

Over the course of the next few days, family and friends came by to support the Pruetts and Sheridans. Melody was trying to heed her mother’s advice and focus on herself for a while. She hadn’t spoken to Paxton since her birthday. After not hearing from her in days, and then hearing of her mother’s death, he decided that he should check on her. In between that time, he had his own birthday and was very anxious to advance their relationship.

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Brandon and Skylar were in deep conversation on the porch, and Brandon didn’t bother addressing Paxton. Luckily Allen was nearby and let him in.

“What’s up, Pax! Long time no see.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d give her a little space. So sorry to hear about your aunt, man.”

“Yeah…it was pretty painful…but we’re making it…”

12-18-14_7-50 PM

“Let me go get–”


“Oh, well there she is. Well, nice seeing you Pax,” Allen said and excused himself.

12-18-14_7-51 PM

“Hey…I’m sorry I haven’t–”

“It’s ok, Mel. I totally get it. How are you?”

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“Oh, Paxton! You’re so great. I’m as well as could be expected. Well, actually, I’m a little better than can be expected. I got a job, and I’m working on developing some skills”

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“I’m glad to hear you’re doing ok. And your sister?”

“She’s very well, actually. She’s got that plumming cheerful trait mom had.”

12-18-14_7-54 PM

“Have you missed me at all?”

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She did at first, but honestly, when she began working on herself and started her job, she thought of him less and less. But she couldn’t tell him that. She didn’t want to lose him. The million simoleon question is why Paxton? She didn’t understand it herself. As smart and beautiful as she was, she could have any Sim she wanted. There were plenty other fish in the sea, but she took the first one she caught, mounted him on the wall, and bronzed him. She loved him, and he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Yeah…of course I missed you,” she said trying to sound genuine.

“Seeee…what did I tell you! P. Churchill like a pain pill. Pop pop pop! So ummm…are you going to invite me inside or what?

12-18-14_7-57 PM

“Ummm, you’re free to go in,” she hesitated. “I need to go iron my clothes and go to bed.”

“Awww, come on, baby. Don’t you want to spend time with your boy?”

“I have to get up early. I’m a working Sim now.”

12-18-14_7-59 PM

“Work is overrated. What you need is a little fun!”

“I love you, Paxton, but I don’t know if–”

“It’s cool, it’s cool. I’m just messing with you. Go do what you need to do. I’ll go chat with Lance for a minute and go home. See you tomorrow?”


“Ok then. Goodnight, sweetness.”

She left him and went to her room, and he went upstairs to see Lance. I love this guy…I love this guy, she thought, trying to remind herself. He’s just…crazier than me!

12-18-14_8-03 PM

“What’s up player! Man…y’all got some good genes in this fam. Your cousins are FINE!”

“Ummm…is there something I can help you with,” Lance asked completely caught off guard.

12-18-14_8-04 PM

“Well, yeah, actually there is. I want to do something nice for Mel, you know…she’s my girl and all…but I don’t really know what she likes. Should I take her to the spa place and get  her a massage, or…OH! I could learn massage therapy and I can give her a massage! Ohhhh YEAH! I should score all kinds of points with that one, amirite?”

12-18-14_8-04 PM-2

Lance had a blank look on his face and was completely floored.

“What am I asking you for? I should be talking to Cadence. Yeah. Ok then, well it was nice seeing you, man. Sorry to hear about your aunt. I’ll catch up with you later!”

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What does she see in this douchebag??

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 85: The Trouble With Paxton”

  • Aw…with a name like Paxton I had high expectations. I guess…well, he’s kind of lame. Maybe he’ll straighten up and get himself together. Maybe. Hopefully. Or she could find someone else. I know a place Paxton can go if…umm…if he’s no longer useful to your plot. Heh.

    • Ohhh, yeah! Duh! When you said that earlier, I was only thinking of legacy folks. I have a whole town full of “on the side” Sims. I may need him back though. I’ll have to see how things play out. I’ve got 10 days to decide!

  • I’ve must concur with what a few others have said, Paxton is super handsome but honestly his attitude is for the birds when even little Lance can tell he’s a Dbag!!

    Love that Melody is finding herself! I hope she continues down this more ambitious and less boy crazy path!!

      • I forget as eldest male he’s probably a YA at this point. I guess Allen trying trying to shelter him made me forget he’s not a child.

        • Oh yeah, they’re all YA at this point…except Allen, I think. I think I remember a conversation about a birthday cake after BJ died. I get it though. Lance is a lot more innocent than his brother is lol.

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