Chapter 91: What the Plum Happened

The next morning, Allen and Cadence were having breakfast. Melody joined them shortly after.

“Ooooh, looks like somebody got that ‘first time’ glow,” Allen teased.

They both looked at him with slanted eyes.

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“Like you know anything about the ‘first time,’ child,” Cadence sneered.

“Neither do you, Saint Cadence,” he retorted. “Besides, my birthday is today, and I plan to have many first times with many beautiful Sims.”

“I don’t think this is proper table conversation, guys,” Melody said (mainly to get herself out of the limelight).

But, despite her attempt to not give herself away, she was aloof and replayed her memories of the previous night over and over in her head.

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Later in the morning, after Paxton finally woke up, she needed to speak with him privately and called him in the bathroom.

“Hi,” she said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Girrrrl, don’t you remember? We didn’t do much sleeping! You called me in here for small talk?”

“No! I…I didn’t sleep well…at all.”

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“Ok…are you sick? Are you getting cold feet? Is there something more to this secret meeting??”

“Yes,” she said shamefully.

“Then come on with it, girl!”

“I…I…I think…I might be pregnant.”


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“Come on, baby…stop playing with me! You’re not pregnant. You just…you just had some rotten leftovers for breakfast, that’s all. Come on, let’s go swimming or something.”

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“No, Paxton! I’m serious! My stomach was in knots all night after we….”

“What, so you can even talk about it now? Are you ashamed of me?”

“No! I just didn’t want it to happen like this. Not right now!”

“Fine. So pee on the stick and find out!”

12-18-14_11-12 PM

“Before I do, I have a plan. If it’s positive, we get married right away so nobody knows we did things out of order.”

“Who cares, Mel?”

“I care! My mother will care!”

“Your mother is dead!”

“Don’t talk about my mother!!”

“Ok, ok, Mel. Just calm down. I’ll do whatever you want. Just pee on the stick and get it over it. It’s gonna be negative anyway.”

“Are you going to stay?”

“Yes! Hurry up!”

She nervously pulled out the pregnancy test from the drawer and peed on the stick. She was biting her lip so hard she thought she may eat it for lunch. This was the longest 30 seconds of both of their lives.

12-18-14_11-15 PM

Finally, the results….

12-18-14_11-16 PM


“What the plum happened?! Did you do it right?”


“Oh plum! This can’t be happening to me!!”

“Happening to you?? You’re not the one that’s pregnant!!!”

12-18-14_11-18 PM-3

“And why am I soo big??? Oh my GOOOOOOD! I’m sooo biiiig,” she cried. “I can’t hide this! I can’t hide this!!”

“Of all the plumming–”

“Of all the plumming what, Paxton? What??”

After Melody finished freaking out about how big she was, she was able to make a rational thought–or at least as rational as she could get.

“Ok…everything is fine…we’ll just get married anyway! Yeah! We’ll say we came in last night, we got married, I got up had breakfast, wasn’t pregnant, and took a test and now I am. That will work! Come on Paxton, let’s do it.”

He pulled away from her.

“Come on, man! Quit playing. We have to get married right now before anyone finds out!”

“Why? So you can trap me?? Not uh, sista. Not me!”

“Where are you going, Paxton?”

“Anywhere but here! I’m out!”

12-18-14_11-19 PM-2


He walked out of their lives without any thought about what he was actually doing. She cried and cried and cried and cried, spread out across the bathroom floor. When she was composed enough to pick herself up, she went to crawl in bed and cry some more.

“Oh, my poor baby! I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at myself!”

12-18-14_11-29 PM

“Melody…what the plum happened? Paxton just stormed out the–whooooa! You’re–”

“Have you come to judge me??”

12-18-14_11-28 PM

“No! I just wanted to make sure you were all right. Paxton looked pretty mad. Are you all right?”

“Do I LOOK like someone who is all right?!”

“No. I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Don’t say anything…to anybody! You’re all right, Allen. You’re a bit of a hot head sometimes, but you’re all right. Like a little brother!”

“I wish there was something I could do for you.”

“Just keep my secret!”

“But it’s not a secret anymore.”

“Just keep it! I’ll explain.”


12-18-14_11-28 PM-2

He left her and her pride and her unborn baby to figure out how she was going to get out of this situation. True, there was no way out, but in her shocked state, she didn’t realize that.

A few minutes later, she had yet another visitor.

“Gee whiz, Mel! Paxton sure looked–OH MY GOD!!! What happened to you???”

“What’s the matter, Saint Cadence? Mom and dad never had the woo hoo talk with you,” she mocked.

“Shut up, Mel! How could you be so reckless?”

“Ummm…do you have something encouraging to say, or are you just going to condemn me all afternoon??”

“I’m sorry, Mel! I’m just really surprised!”

12-18-14_11-30 PM

“Yeah, well, tell that to the one unexpectedly CARRYING a baby!!”

“[sigh] Melody,” she said in a calmer voice, “I’m just trying to talk here. I’m not making fun or mocking you or judging you. I’m just trying to talk.”


“Is Paxton gone…for good?”

12-18-14_11-30 PM-2

“I think so.”

“Ok. So, the engagement is off then? Or did you get married last night too?”

Melody started laughing as she thought of what she tried to do and how silly it was.

“What’s so funny?”

“I tried to make him marry me in the bathroom!”

They both broke out into the hearty laughter, and that was exactly the medicine Melody needed to begin to get back to her senses.

12-18-14_11-35 PM-4

“I’m so glad you’re here, Cadence. [sigh] This is really happening, isn’t it?”

12-18-14_11-31 PM-2

“Yep. It sure is.”

“I’m sure by the end I’ll be excited. I wanted to be a mother one day. Just not now. I just don’t know how I’m gonna get over Paxton.”

“One day at a time, Mel. One day at a time.”

“I love you, sis.”

12-18-14_11-37 PM

Meanwhile, Lance had a feeling he couldn’t shake.

“Allen…have you seen Dad?”

12-18-14_11-41 PM



“Yeah. Before he went to see mom.”

“Yesterday morning?”

“What are you worried about? It must have been a good meeting, and they’re still making up!”

“He’s not with her. Help me look for him.”


They went outside and checked the observatory, microscope, and even the bottom of pool just in case.

12-18-14_11-45 PM

“DAD! ARE YOU OUT HERE,” Lance yelled.

Melody, who was full of “brilliant” ideas that day decided to look in a different place.

12-18-14_11-47 PM

“Wait,” Lance said, “Why are you pregnant right now?”

“That’s a stupid question, bonehead,” Allen said.

“Guys! Come look,” Melody yelled.

They both came and saw what she was pointing at.

“There’s a new grave!”

12-18-14_11-48 PM

Lance lost it.

Awww, daddy! What the plum happened, Allen thought.

Chapter 90: The Downward Spiral
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