Chapter 92: A New Season – Part I

Melody was well in to her second trimester and was doing very well. She hadn’t experienced any morning sickness, but her back ached a lot and she frequented the bathrooms. She got up and went to work per usual, but two hours later she was home again. It was around 10:30, and she figured she would find everyone in the kitchen.

12-20-14_10-48 PM

“Melody! Why are you home so early,” Cadence asked.

“My boss sent me home. I told her I was fine, but she said she would feel more comfortable if she knew I was resting at home.”

“So, you’re ok then,” asked her very concerned twin.

“Yes, everyone! I’m fine! I know I look like a whale, but I’m only in my second trimester. The baby won’t be here for another day or two, ok? Everyone just chill out.”

It was strange. A week ago, three of them were just children, and now they were all fledgling in this adult world trying to find their place and figure things out on their own.

Despite Melody’s attempts to allay everyone’s anxieties, they were still concerned and watched her like a cheesy romance flick on TV. She tried to keep to herself, but she was finding out that was near impossible. A few hours went by and her still very concerned twin went looking for her.

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“Oh, there you are. What are you doing in here?”

“Well, I figured I should get reacquainted with this room…straighten it up a little. I guess I have that nesting thing going on.”

Cadence was a bit distant for a minute as she reminisced on her childhood.

“We had some good times in here with daddy, didn’t we,” Cadence said.

“We sure did. Honestly…for a while I had forgotten this room even existed. I haven’t been in here since our teen birthday. It’s funny…I forgot about this room, but the room didn’t cease to exist. And the memories are still here,” Melody said.

She began to cry happy reminiscent tears, but they suddenly turned into sad, angry tears.

“Melody! What is it?”

“My child…it won’t have any memories of its father in here…or anywhere!”

“Awww, sis. Maybe it could work out…like a long time from now. Maybe they’ll meet one day by happenstance.”

“I don’t want to think about this anymore. I need to get out of this house!”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s go for a jog.”

“Sounds good. But, you jog…I’ll walk.”

They went downstairs to exit through the front door, and Melody saw that there was someone there. As she got closer to the door and saw who it was, her heart stopped. She didn’t know what to do. She was still very vulnerable and raw and didn’t want anything to cloud her thinking, so she walked right past him.

12-20-14_10-59 PM

“Hey, Mel. Look, I’m sorry I–”

“You have some nerve coming back here,” Cadence yelled.

“I know! I was a total d-bag, but–”

“Keep walking, Cadence,” Melody yelled behind her.

12-20-14_10-58 PM


“I’m so proud of you,” Cadence whispered. “That felt good, didn’t it?”

“It sure did.”

12-20-14_10-59 PM-2

When they returned home, there was yet another visitor on their doorstep. What is this…national visitors day, Cadence thought.

“Hi Cameron! Come in, please.”

“Thank you.”

“So, what’s up?”

12-20-14_11-07 PM

“I’ve come to ask you out…on a date.”

Her heart fluttered. She knew he’d ask her soon, but this was the first time anyone had ever asked her out.

“I’d love to go out with you.”

She went upstairs and changed into her party clothes, and then he took her to The Chapel. Back in its opening days, people typically only got married there. But over time, it began to live up to its originating purpose as a multi-function event space. The club part of the space had become quite the hotspot in recent months, and you could find everyone who was anyone there.

12-20-14_11-12 PM

Cadence was very nervous on her first date with Cameron and her first date ever in life. But what she didn’t realize was that they were sharing the same feelings for the same reason.

“Would you like to go inside,” he asked.

“No, actually. It’s nice out here. Let’s just sit over there.”

They went to the patio and sat under the umbrella. It was that pretty part of day when the afternoon has just about expired, but it wasn’t quite dusk yet. They sat in silence for a little while and watched the sun turn everything into gold.

“I like being here with you,” she said.

12-20-14_11-13 PM

“Anywhere you are is where I want to be,” he replied.

She was still getting used to this new Cameron, but if he kept talking that way, she would have no problems forgetting the old one. Her face was flushed and she felt her body temperature rising.

“Wow…I think I need a drink!”

“Let’s go. I’ll buy you one.”

They got up to go inside, but Cadence was still struggling with her new feelings for him. She wanted to set the record straight.

“Wait. I have a confession to make.”

“Uh oh. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, quite the contrary…”

12-20-14_11-17 PM

“…ever since you came over that night…I’ve been thinking about you.”

12-20-14_11-17 PM-2

“Oh! Well, that’s quite a confession, Miss. May I ask what you’ve been thinking about?”

“Kissing you.”

“So kiss me then.”

She leaned closer and planted a soft, sweet peck on his lips. Her first kiss was just as beautiful and awesome as she imagined it would be.

12-20-14_11-17 PM-3

“That was perfect,” he said.

12-20-14_11-17 PM-4

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