7.2 The Single Mother

Melody adjusted quite well to her new life as a single mother. Surprisingly, to herself, motherhood suited her quite well. Between her job, and missing her ex, she did not expect to enjoy caring for her precious babes. She wasn’t a Sim who enjoyed routine, but she developed a pretty good system for making time for her children while caring for herself. Before she went to work, she fed and changed them. As soon as she got home in the evenings, she dashed in the house to cuddle and love on them.

I hope they aren't screaming their heads off.
I hope they aren’t screaming their heads off.
Hey baby girl! I've missed you soo much.
Hey baby girl! I’ve missed you soo much.

After she played with them and made them happy, she took a much needed nap. Usually, she woke up to two screaming, hungry, wet babies. She took care of their needs and then her own. She had dinner and then either worked on her skills, hit the gym, the pool, or crashed in front of the tube. When she got tired again, she put herself to bed.

Mia and Marli were excellent babies, and Melody could usually handle them on her own. But, sometimes it was really hard. At times, the usual stresses of life got her down. Other times she was frustrated with her failed relationship. Sometimes she missed him and wanted him back, and sometimes she just hated him.

Hey girls. I'm sorry. I'm really sad today.
Hey girls. I’m sorry. I’m really sad today.
Grrr! I hate my life! How could have been so stupid?! What did I see in that jerk?
Grrr! I hate my life! How could I have been so stupid?! What did I see in that jerk?

No matter her mood, there was nothing or no one that could change the way she felt about her babies. She loved them with all of her heart. It was strange. She felt like she made a mistake by getting involved with Paxton, and she wished she hadn’t acted so hastily. But at the same time, she would never wish away her children. It’s funny how that works. You wish you had not done something, but you wouldn’t change the results for anything. She needed them a lot more than they needed her. Something needed to happen in her life to make her mature and think more rationally. Unfortunately, it took being rejected and an unexpected pregnancy to make that happen.

Sometimes, her parents would silently watch her to see how she was doing. One night, they were both in the house and discussed how they felt about the matter.

I'm so proud of her.
I’m so proud of her.

12-26-14_3-45 PM

“So, BJ, what do you think about Melody’s situation? I’m very proud of how she’s doing. Motherhood looks good on her!”

“Yeah…I suppose. I’m just…I get so mad sometimes! I just want to wring that Paxton’s neck! Other times I want to wring her neck. But, we can’t change what happened. She is very good with them though. She’s going to be an excellent mom. I just know it.”

The way Mia and Marli looked at her just melted her heart every time. They looked at her as if they were as in love with her as she was in love with them. She adored them.

You are the most beautiful girls in the world.
You are the most beautiful girls in the world.
Of course you're the cutest! You have cute parents.
Of course you’re the cutest! You have cute parents.

The love of her children and the transformation in her life caused her to think about her future and what it needed to look like. She decided that she was going to make a major change in her life.

To be continued….

7.3 Love Is in the Air

33 thoughts on “7.2 The Single Mother”

  • I have just gone from the first chapter to this from Boxing Day until now, I am so impressed with this whole thing, also when you are redecorating I think you should make the kitchen bigger so they can have a bar indoors, i think it should look old fashioned like a normal inherited house would, and in some legacies the kids often inherit the parents’ names, I’m looking forward to more!

    • That’s a lot of reading in a week, Mitch! I appreciate you joining the fun 🙂 I’ll consider what you said about the bar. They have one outside, but who says they can’t own two bars lol. Anyway…welcome to the Pruett family!

    • About the names though…that is a very good point. Especially because the heirs are male. I just may start doing that. I have one Sim who has the founder’s name as a middle name, but that’s about it.

  • Yeah, so will you have a Donovan and stuff? Speaking of heir to ‘the throne’ in my game I update the house all the time but there is an armchair which has stayed in the house for generations which is what the female figure of the house sits in, it used to be the male but my new generation are twin girls and their father died before they were born as he was so old, their mother won’t be far behind but she isn’t an elder yet, she isn’t far off though.

    • That’s sad! Donovan was kind of a screw up, so probably not LOL. But seriously, I’ll think about doing something like that. I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out to me, but all of the heirs’ names (except Lance) end in the same sound. Say them aloud: Donovan, Aiden, Jayden, Brandon…even Allen, although he’s not an heir. I think that’s kinda cool…especially since it wasn’t done on purpose. I’m gonna get back to that (on purpose) when Lance has his heir.

    • I would love for her to remarry and have more kids! I’m quite sure she wants that too. We’ll just have to see what happens. I have a few scenarios in mind, so let’s just see how things play out. With her being a romantic, and EA’s fake version of story progression makes everyone have romantic interests outside of the played home, I’m quite sure she’ll find a new love on her own lol. I’ll work with whatever she gives me!

      • Haha, I think you should have someone gay or lesbian in the family to add some drama aha, the Pruetts would have some spice in their lives

        • lol, that would definitely make some drama! If that happens, fine, but I’m not gonna make it happen. I think we all need a little break from drama right now lol. I recently went back and read every chapter for the first time. It was soo enjoyable! But I was like, man…this story is a roller coaster of emotions. Gen 7 will be a bit more stable…but not completely drama free 🙂

          • Honestly? I just rolled the dice a few times in CAS lol. I’m really big into making sure names sound good when you say them and roll off the tongue easy. I already picked out the name Xavier, and I thought Xavier Pruett sounded good. Besides, I didn’t want to have a regular name like Smith, Jones, Williams, etc.

  • No so, I know it is sad but when their mum kicks the bucket they will have their older sisters to rely on, both from their mum’s previous marriage and one of them has a son who is older than the twin girls so I guess they’re old enough to be parents to the girls too

  • Maybe she didn’t need a brick, maybe just a dirty pamper to the back of the head has done the trick. Ghost grandparents was a nice touch. Almost like having guardian angels in the house.

    • I shrieked when I saw them BOTH in the house! I’ve never had two ghosts in the house before–didn’t even think it was possible. It was like…fate! lol

  • Awww Mels really taking a turn as she matures!! I loved the conversation between Giancarlo and Bianca. I like that Bianca is still worrying even as a ghost and fretting over her daughters choices and actions.

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