7.4 An Even Newer Season – Part I


Although she loved her home and was comfortable there, Melody decided that she needed to find a place of her own to raise her children. The Pruett Estate had everything. There was no reason to leave the property except to meet new people. So why would anyone ever want to leave? For Melody, as wonderful as the Estate was, it came with many sour memories. Her parents died there. Her uncle died there. Her fiance abandoned her in her own bathroom. Besides, she was looking forward to leaving. She had her heart set on it after Paxton agreed to marry her. After experiencing so much heartache in that house, but also discovering herself and maturing, Melody felt it was vital to her healing process to have her own space and take full responsibility for her children.

She found a beautiful three bedroom two bath home in the nice, green part of Oasis Springs right next door to a park! She also has a very special neighbor on the other side–stay tuned to find out who it is.

Melody's new home
Melody’s new home
Inside Melody's new home.
Inside Melody’s new home

She was feeling very proud of herself and excited about this new phase of her life. That is until she came home the first evening and chat with her children. She came home and found them both at the table doing their homework like good children do.

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“Hello, my little angels! Soooo…how do you girls like this house? It’s pretty nice, right?”

“Yeah, it’s ok,” Mia said. “It doesn’t have a pool though.”

“And it doesn’t have any monkey bars or video games,” Marli chimed in.

12-28-14_4-36 PM

“Ok, ok. Chill out, girls. We just moved in. You’re gonna have to give me time to get those things, ok? Things are going to be a lot different living by ourselves, and mommy isn’t going to be able to give you everything you want. Now, Marli, we can go to the park whenever you want to play on the monkey bars, and you have a computer in your room to play games on. And Mia, we can always go back when you want to swim. Is everyone clear?”

“Yes, Mommy,” they said at the same time.

“Good. Ok…who’s got a good story? I have one….I got promoted today!”

“Yay,” they cheered.

“Ok, Marli. Tell us about your day.”

12-28-14_4-35 PM-2

“We had a race and I won! I’m the fastest girl in my class!”

“Oh that’s wonderful, sweetheart!”

12-28-14_4-36 PM-2

These were the moments she wanted. These were the moments that reminded her of her own childhood back in the days when life was always good. This is what she hoped motherhood would always be like–not like what happened next.

12-28-14_4-36 PM-4

“Your turn, Mia. What happened in school today?”

“The teacher made everyone stand in front of the class and talk about our family. All the other kids talked about their mommys and daddys and grandmas and stuff. Do we have a daddy, Mommy?”

12-28-14_4-36 PM-6


She was completely caught off guard. She knew that one day they would be having this conversation, but she wasn’t expecting to have it when they were fewer than 48 hours into their child years. She was hoping that when the situation came about, she would have been completely healed of her heartbreak and able to speak on it without malice and grief. The question and the situation was unavoidable, so she answered in a way that she hoped would do as much damage control as possible.

“Of course, sweetheart. Everybody has a daddy.”


That answer was good enough for her, and Melody breathed a huge sigh of relief. But, her relief was short lived.

“But,” Mia continued, “if everybody has one, where’s ours?”

“He’s, ummm…he…well…he lives…somewhere else.”

“Is he coming back,” Marli asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“Didn’t he like us,” Mia asked.

Melody felt like she was being attacked. She knew she wasn’t, but the questions were coming in too fast and she was just too unprepared.

“Girls…if I promise to answer all your questions another time, could we not have this conversation until I’m ready?”

“Ok, Mommy,” Mia said.

“Thank you. Ok…you ladies finish your homework. I’m going to be right next door. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

12-28-14_4-37 PM

Reality check. This is real life, Melody. Welcome to it.

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