Cloud Gazers

04-10-15_7-33 PM

“Hey good looking,” Viviana said.

“Hi, angel! Come over here.

04-10-15_7-36 PM

“Are you having a good time out here,” Brady asked.

“Of course! Anywhere you are is guaranteed to be a good time.”

“Cloud gaze with me.”

04-10-15_7-39 PM

“It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here,” Viviana said. “I wonder if it would be half as fun at the campsite.”

“Well, sure, if sleeping in a tent is your thing.”

“Have you ever gone camping like that before?”


“Would you want to?”

“If you wanted to. Do you want to?”

“I don’t know. I would if the kids wanted to.”

“Speaking of the kids…it’s awfully quiet.”

“I left them in the cabin dancing.”

“Ok. Let’s get up and go find them.”

04-10-15_7-40 PM“Oh, look, Brady! Aren’t they cute?”

“Absolutely adorable.”

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