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Rosey: Ooo…back to the other thing, also…

I’m not sure when it exactly happened, but our friendship moved beyond Sims. I message Jess daily about work, wedding plans, etc. Joel and I send crazy SnapChats (an app, get with it CT) of coffee and food and us making weird faces and him in school and me at work.

Gosh, how did that happen?

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CT: Part of being able to share openly is to create an environment–or a space–within the friendship which fosters that sharing. I see so many ways that the three of you do this: I know, because I experience this, too! In part, this is done through humor, and in large part through respect, and also through valuing what the other says. It feels safe for me to be open with you all because I know that even if I come off as a goofball–and even if the response is humorous–there’s always respect and affection there. So it’s safe for me to venture out and share and be open. I mean, even my first question in part one of this conversation is a little risky–because it invites open and deep sharing! And look how you three just dove in!

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Joel: That’s true! I think being open comes naturally to us because we’re so used to it from talking to each other. I also think trust is another thing about being open, but everyone is so lovely and amazing here it’s hard not to trust them!

Jes2G: I’m glad you brought up creating an environment–or a space–within the friendship which fosters that sharing. That really strikes home with me. I’m not as shy as I used to be, but I am still quite reserved. But, behind that timidity is…well…actually, a lot of what you all experience on the forums! (my zany ways and random rants about something crazy…and even the deep thoughts) It’s easier to share those things with you all because we’re able to hide behind our screens and be a bit more free. However, even in that, I still experience a certain level of that timidity. You know…being afraid of being “too much.” One thing I really love and appreciate about Jamie is that environment for sharing. However it came to be, because I guess neither of us really know), I love that she brings that out of me and allows me to be authentic. I have a genuine interest in people, but many mistake it as nosiness. I love that I feel like I can inquire about her and her life without feeling like she thinks I’m crazy. Well, she does think I’m crazy, but that’s neither here nor there! HA! Moving on! [ahem] In return, she does the same thing which is good because I’m typically a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type. Not that I have anything to hide, but I’m so guarded about things and with whom I share them–I don’t enjoy speaking with nosey people either.

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CT: What does your shared enthusiasm for writing contribute to your friendship, and how does your friendship contributed to your enthusiasm for writing?

Joel: I feel that because the three of us love to write, it’s easy to connect with each other. Writing and Simming is the main reason why any of us actually met and our shared enthusiasm definitely helps our friendship grow stronger! Also, our shared enthusiasm is strengthened by our friendship because like I said earlier, we help each other with plot lines and story ideas so that once it clicks in our head or someone suggests something awesome, our enthusiasm for our writing grows!

I guess you can say it’s like a circle… a circle of writing and friendship! (singing it to the Circle of Life terrible failed!)

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Jes2G: OH! And how does our friendship contribute to my enthusiasm for writing? Ohhhh boy! :D I’m telling you…it’s DANGEROUS to speak to these guys about writing! I think I’m gonna try not talking to them about writing for a while so I can stop coming up with new stories!! :p I am SO kidding. But seriously, they bolster my enthusiasm for writing SO much! I have never been so excited about writing in my life! When we all brainstorm, that energy that’s created is amazing. Even if nothing comes out of it, those ideas lead to other ideas and those to others and it ends up spilling over into other areas of my writing…that I am neglecting because of all these darn stories they make me write!! :p

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Joel: Yes! I have to agree with Jess, it’s amazing that the energy that we create can perfectly fit into pieces that complete a long jigsaw puzzle!

Rosey: Guh!!!

Besides that our enthusiasm brought us together, it gives us so many things to talk about. My favorite thing ever is getting a message from either Joel or Jess asking me about something they’re stuck on in their stories–names, plot points, ways of moving the story forward, or even just a comment about what they’re doing.

I have a sort of issue with wanting to peek behind the curtains of things that I love, so those moments when they come to me and reveal a secret or something about their story and ask if it works, I get all kinds of giddy! And, in turn, they inspire new ideas out of me and I can’t even…I love it when an idea for a post or a plot line comes from our conversations. It’s happened so many times!

There’s definitely a lot in what Jess said about the ability to feel safe and creating a space for sharing. I often feel like I’m surrounded by people who don’t genuinely care about what I have to say, but when I get on the forums or post a blog, I really feel like people care. Jess and Joel and you, CT, are some of my major supporters and have all helped me open up and be myself. That, for me, is what makes the writing and the friendship so special.

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Joel: I feel like hugging the three of you. So…



Rosey: Yes! I love it! Hugs and hugs!

CT: Big hug! Oh, you guys!

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