Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 E16

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Sugar: The votes are in and tallied, and your penalties from the temptation challenge have been reflected. Acacia, you are safe this week and may join Brady and Viv.

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Brady: (whispering) Congrats again.

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Sugar: Ok…let’s get down to business. Grant…you received the most votes and are safe.

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Grant: WOW! I can’t believe it! I’m staying?! Thank you EVERYONE for believing in me!

Sugar: Braylon…you received the least number of votes. I am sorry…you’re going home tonight.

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Braylon: Ok. Wow. Can I say a few words before I go?

Sugar: Of course you can! Please…

Braylon: I’ve learned so much and have gained so much. Thank you, Brady, Viv, and Shug for all that you’ve taught me. I don’t know how to thank you. The only reason I’ll be leaving here with my head low is because I’m so dang tired!

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Brady: I love your attitude, Braylon. You’ve always had the attitude of a winner, and I love that. How do you thank us? Go home, and never stop. Don’t turn back! Don’t forget about these habits you adopted.

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Braylon: Never. I’m changed!

Brady: Good luck to you, Braylon.

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Viviana: These voting shows get harder and harder! It’s never fun to watch any of them go, but I’ve grown attached to Braylon. I know she’ll be fine. I’m sure when she goes back to work, she’ll make a positive impact…and make healthier food!

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Acacia: Well done, Braylon! Well done!

Braylon: Thank you, Acacia! You’ve always been so kind to me, and I remember the things you taught me too.

Acacia: Excellent! You will go far in life. I am certain of it.

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Braylon: Nico! Don’t stand over there like a shy guy…give me a hug!

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Nico: I’m going to miss you…more than you know.

Braylon: Awww, Nico. Don’t be sad for me! I’m in a good place!

Nico: I know. It’s just that…well, it’s just that I… You’re a good friend, and I’ll miss you being around.

Braylon: Yeah… Let’s keep in touch, ok?

Nico: I would love that!

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Braylon: Well, this isn’t goodbye, my friends. I hope to see you all soon, and if not, I’ll be rooting for you at the season finale!

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Brady: This was a tough one, right? It’s hard to watch your friends go, but don’t be discouraged! Don’t get depressed. You’re still here and have a lot of work to do. And…congratulations on still being here! This is the final week! We’re only going to have one challenge, and it’s going to be tough! Whoever wins it will have an advantage at the grand finale. We’ll also have another round of one-on-ones with you all. We’re going to talk about positive self-talk. Ok…it’s late… Go get some sleep guys.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 E16”

  • I’m so sad to see Braylon go! And where will she go? Time hasn’t stopped back home, and it’s a whole new era!

    (By the way, I’ve thought up a game for Acacia to go into when she finishes up here!)

    • Oh good! We haven’t decided if she’ll stay here or move somewhere else on her home hard drive, but we definitely have not seen the last of her.

  • Braylon!! My beautiful, Sim…I’m sad she’s just passed away in my game, but I’m happy she’s had a great, transformative experience here with you on your hard drive.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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