Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 E17

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Welcome back to Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! I am the hostest with the mostest, Sugar Maple Bough, and we are so close to the finished line! The remaining three contestants will all go to the finale, but who will win it all? This week, the contestants will be on their own! No training sessions, no mandatory workouts. Everything will be done by their own willpower! And? Just wait until you see what we have cooked up for this week’s challenge:  another temptation! This week’s episodes will be of the contestant’s one-on-one sessions with Brady. He brings up the same topic with all three of them. Let’s watch!


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Brady: So, ummm…you’re pretty bummed about Braylon leaving, huh?

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Nico: He knows?! Who’s he been talking to?

I don’t know what you mean, Brady.

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Brady: (laughing) Nico…you don’t have to act innocent. I’m not scolding you.

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Nico: How did you know?

Brady: Everybody knows. You can’t hide stuff like that.

Nico: Yeah…everyone except the right one, huh?

Brady: Are you going to call her when the show is over?

Nico: Yeah. She said she’d like to keep in touch. That’s something.

Brady: Good! I’m glad. It’ll be good for the both of you to stay connected and hold each other accountable. Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp…ya never know what’s going to happen, he he he.

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Brady: Anyway, let’s get down to business. Let’s start with you. Do you have anything you wish to discuss with me?

Nico: Uhhh…I guess I should have prepared something.

Brady: It’s fine. Let’s address your confidence.

Nico: Ok.

Brady: I think you have come a long way from the beginning. You came here doubting yourself because of your age. Now that your body can handle whatever you want to throw at it, you still have those mental battles to fight. I still see you blaming everything on being an “old man.”

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Nico: Yeah…I do do that.

Brady: You’re in better shape that a lot of guys half your age! You can keep up and even pass those guys, Nico!

Nico:  I guess I just need to get used to this new body and what it can do. I don’t even recognize myself sometimes when I look the mirror…in a good way.

Brady: That’s good! You should remind yourself every day that you’re strong and capable of doing anything you set your mind to do.

Nico: I will. I can do that!


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