Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 E19

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Grant: Whoa! What is this place?

Brady: He he, this is the VIP suite. This is where me, Viv, and Shug stay. We have our own living quarters, a shared living space, entertaining space, and this lounge. Sweet, huh?

Grant: Heck yeah! I didn’t know all of this was under The Lodge.

Brady: What do you think happens to us at night? We disappear? He he he. Can Viv make you a drink? She’s an excellent mixologist!

Grant: Uhhhh…no… Thank you. That’s a lot of sugar and calories for right now.

Brady: Heeeey! Now you’re thinking like a winner! Do you know why I brought you down here?

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Grant: I take it that it’s not to have a drink with me…

Brady: Heh, yeah, you know I love you guys! But, not today. I brought you down here for a bit of perspective. Do you know what’s going to happen in here in two days?

Grant: I could guess.

Brady: After the finale, we’re all going to come in here to party with the winner. I’m going to make a toast to him or her. Can you see yourself in that position?

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Grant: Ummm… I guess?

Brady: No, Grant! You HAVE to see yourself here! I can’t see it for you! Your confidence should be so much higher than it is, and I don’t know why.

Grant: I…I’m sorry!

Brady: Look… When you first came here, you were as big as you could get. Sure, you had a rough start and had some setbacks, but that’s life! You were the first one to lose all your body fat! You’re in the freakin finale man! That should tell you a whole lot. You’re here! You mad it! You did what you came here to do, and you won! True, we don’t know how big you’ve won, but you won! You did it!

Grant: Wow. I’ve never seen it that way! You’re right… There’s only three of us left, so…we all leave with something. Wow. I made it?

Brady: You made it man! Congratulations!

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