Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep 10

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Sugar: It’s that time again, and it never gets any easier. It gets harder to say goodbye to one of you as the season goes on because each of you gets closer to fulfilling your goals. All of you are very deserving to be here, but only one can win it all. Let’s get to it. Braylon, you are safe. Please join Brady and Viv.

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Sugar: Nico…please join Grant…

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Sugar: Jayda…please join Acacia…

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Sugar: In each of these pairs, one is safe, and the other is not….Jayda…Grant…please join me.

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Sugar: Jayda and Grant…for the first time, there was a tie in the bottom two! Both of you received an equal number of votes. We will break the tie by the amount of weight lost. Grant…you lost 37.5% of your weight from last week. Jayda…you lost 25%.

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Sugar: Jayda…this is the end of the road for you on this show.

Jayda: Ok! Girl, don’t be sad. I will be just fine! Thank you all so much for this opportunity. I’m not sure if I would even be alive right now if I hadn’t come here! I’ve learned so much…I can’t wait to get back home and implement a new world order in my house!

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Viviana: Jayda, you always have the best attitude! I know you will be more than successful in continuing these habits and getting your family healthy too. I am SO proud of you!

Jayda:  Thanks, Viv. That means a lot.

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Brady: You’re a champion, Jayda! Go get ’em!

Jayda: I can’t thank you all enough. I feel like a new person. I AM a new person!

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Brady: You most certainly are! You are strong. Don’t let anything trip you up. I believe in you!

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Jayda left The Lodge at sunrise. It was a beautiful symbol of the beginning of this new chapter in her life. We wish her the best of luck!

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Jayda: Now, now, now…before y’all start asking questions and worrying about me, I am fine! Really, I am. I meant everything I said. I may have ended up in the hospital again…or be dead! You don’t have to win this competition to be a winner. I know I’m a winner! Look at me!

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Jayda: I cannot WAIT to get back home to my babies! I’ve missed them so much. I hope my husband is proud of me too. I came here and did what I needed to do. I worked hard, and I got results. I’m proud of myself!

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Jayda: Heh, I said I wanted to look like Viv when I left! Pretty close, right? Ohhhh yeah, I’m SEXY!

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Brady: Ok! Two down, four left. It’s tough…but we have to carry on. We have got loads planned for you this week as we focus on positive self-esteem and self-image! Go get some sleep!

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