Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep 3

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This week on Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp, the contestants have their first challenge! The prize is immunity from the first vote! Let’s watch….


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Sugar:  “Good morning, winners! How about some sugar from Sugar! Grilled fruit this morning. Eat up and meet me in the living room for a special announcement.”

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Alex:  “I’m not trying to say I’m intimidated or anything, but have you ever noticed that Jayda is always dressed and ready to go? I know I have as good a chance to win this, but maybe I need to step my game up. If she wasn’t married, heh…I’d ask her for some help, he he he.”

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Acacia:  “Well…I don’t know about you, but I am pumped and ready to go today! Whatever it is they have up their sleeves…bring it!”

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Jayda:  “OH! Somebody is bringing some fire today! Ok! Bring it on! I love stiff competition.”

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Braylon:  “I have to admit…I was a bit nervous to show up at breakfast. I know it looks bad to have been missing, but I just couldn’t get out of it! Besides, I got in so late, and I was so tired, I didn’t have dinner so I was starving!”

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Alex:  “You saw that, right? I got a smile from the Skinner girl. Oh yeah. It’s totally happening.”

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Braylon:  “Gosh that fruit was so delicious! Maybe I was just hungry. I don’t know, but all I know is that I couldn’t stop smiling.”

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Sugar:  “All right! I hope everyone slept well and got enough to eat. Today, you will be participating in your first challenge! We have one treadmill on the lawn for each of you. This is an endurance challenge. Whoever stays on the longest will get immunity in the first vote!”

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Nico:  “Immunity? Oh, I like the sound of that! I could use some immunity! I mean, don’t get me wrong…I don’t think I’ve been a slacker, but I’m not confident that I’m the most popular person here.”

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Sugar:  “It’s a beautiful day for a jog, huh? This is the first of two endurance challenges. For this one, you will just be using the Workout program. The next time, you will use the Endurance program. For those of you who are higher fitness levels, to make it fair for everyone, please use the Interval program to make it more challenging.”

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Sugar:  “Ok! On your mark…get set…go!”

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Sugar: “Pace yourselves! You want to last as long as you can. Don’t run. Jog! Let’s go!”

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Braylon:  “Arrrrg! Why did I have to be the first one to trip?? GUH! Things are just not going well for me here. But…you know what? When things aren’t going well, that means they can only get better, right? Oh yeah!”

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Sugar:  “Good job, Braylon! Way to regroup! Keep it moving! Woo!”

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Jayda:  “I tripped a little bit too! It’s no big thing. When you have children, you learn quickly how not to take yourself so seriously. Are they gonna edit that though?”

Sugar:  “Everyone is doing great! Let’s go, let’s go!”

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Sugar:  “It’s ok, ladies! Come on! Get back on it!”

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Nico: “I am the wind. I run like the wind. I run like…

06-20-15_9_45 AM

Nico:  “Seriously?”

Sugar:  “Are you ok, Nico?”

Nico:  “Yeah, I’m good. My pride isn’t.”

Sugar:  “Good! No time to lose! Shake it off, and get back up there!”

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Sugar:  “Wooooo! Competition is getting steep, guys! Keep moving!”

[minutes later]

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Sugar:  “First down, Braylon! Excellent job!”

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Sugar:  “Second down, Jayda! Oh, and now Acacia…and Nico! It’s all down to Alex and Grant! Who’s it gonna be? I think they need some cheerleaders, guys!”

Braylon: “Woo! Let’s go, Grant!”

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Alex:  Grant?  She can’t cheer for her boy? I thought we had something. She knows she wants me!”

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Sugar:  “OHHH! Grant wins by fractions of a second! Congratulations, Grant! You have immunity in the first vote!”

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Thank the Watcher!

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Alex:  “Hmph. I totally would have won if she was cheering for me!

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Jayda:  “All right, now! You’re the man, Grant!”

Grant:  “You did pretty Well yourself.”

Jayda:  “Uh huh! I know that’s code for ‘nah nah nah nah'”

Grant:  “You’re crazy, you know that?”

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Acacia:  “Braylon, I noticed you kept stumbling. Perhaps you should try breathing deeply from your diaphragm through your nose. It’ll do you some good!”

Braylon:  “Oh! Thank you, Acacia! I really appreciate the advice! I’ll do that next time.”

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Braylon:  “See! I just knew we were going to be friends!”

Later on that night, Brady came up from the VIP suite to get his own workout in and was surprised to see all of this going on…

"Whoa-ho-hoooo! What do we have going on here! Looks like we have some SERIOUS people in the house! WOO!"
“Whoa-ho-hoooo! What do we have going on here! Looks like we have some SERIOUS people in the house! WOO!”

[an hour later]

"WOOOOO!!! You're on fire, Nico! You're on fire!"
“WOOOOO!!! You’re on fire, Nico! You’re on fire!”

Our contestants most certainly are serious! With just two more episodes until the first vote, they are not kidding around! Tune in next week for more of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp!

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