Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep 5 (Vote 1)

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Hello! Welcome back to Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! Guess where I am! I am standing in the very spot that our contestants will be standing in tonight for tonight is the first vote! Who will remain? Who will go home? It will all be up to you after today’s episode.


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Brady:  All right, all right, all right! Good morning! I hope you had your Wheaties! Your final workout before the vote tonight will also be a challenge. Shug…

Sugar:  As you can see, we’re at the pool! You are going to swim as many laps as you can. Whomever swims the most will win! And what will you win, you ask. You will win a fancy schmancy treadmill! It’s the best in the world!

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Brady:  Are you ready to work??

Contestants:  Yes!

Sugar:  Ok! On your mark…get set…SWIM!

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Sugar:  It’s Acacia! Acacia is left swimming in the pool! Congrats, girl! You win!

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Acacia:  Oh wow! I won?

Sugar:  All right, everyone. We are done for the day. Rest up, say your prayers, and whatever you need to do to get ready for tonight. Tonight, one of you will be leaving The Lodge. All of you have done exceptionally well so far, and you should be proud. Each of you have tangible results, and I believe all of you deserve to be here. I will see you all tonight!

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Which one of our contestants will be going home tonight? It’s all on you! Vote now!



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