Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep13

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Welcome back! On today’s episode, our contestants are in for an awesome surprise! I don’t want to spoil it for you…let’s just watch!

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Brady:  Come in, everyone! Gather around. First of all, I want to introduce you to my good friend, Paolo Montes. He owns this shop, and he’s been ever so gracious to close it for today and let us hang out here.

Paolo:  It’s my pleasure. Welcome, and congratulations on all your hard work so far!

Brady:  I know you’re all wondering why we’re in a clothing boutique. Well, Paolo…why don’t you tell them.

Paolo:  Well, you guys are different. Your body is different, your attitude is different…you should have a different wardrobe to match! We wanted to give you guys a little boost of confidence by allowing you to try on clothes you might not ever buy or even thought you could wear before now! Maybe it was because you couldn’t fit into them, or maybe you were afraid to try something new. Whatever the case was, open your minds to a new world of possibilities that your new bodies are affording you.

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Brady: Well, you heard him! You have all day to look around and try on as many outfits as you like. Have fun!

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Braylon:  Oh wow! I never noticed until now, but Nico and I have similar fashion sense! We pretty much have on the same shoes and wear long socks! Interesting…

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Braylon:  I tried on the first dress I saw. I liked it! It’s amazing to see how much muscle definition I have now. I kinda look like Viv!

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Braylon:  I went upstairs and tried on a more casual outfit. I liked it! I felt very confident wearing it.

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Braylon:  Back downstairs, I looked for something daring that I would have never picked out before. Oh-em-geezy I can’t believe how fierce I looked! I never thought I could look fierce!

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Acacia:  There aren’t too many things you could do to convince me to try on an outfit like that, but Braylon looked amazing in it. I wonder if Nico saw it…

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Nico:  I saw it. She looked amazing…but, I think she looks amazing in her socks and pink skirt.

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Nico:  This whole thing was weird. I mean, I haven’t been shopping since…since my little brother was a little boy! I don’t care about clothes. As long as I don’t walk around naked I’m fine. But, since we were here…

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Nico:  I tried to stay near Braylon, so I tried on an outfit next to her. I must say, I’ve never wore a shirt so tight in my life, but…I liked it! I think the style is a bit young for me, but maybe if I made other changes it could work.

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Nico:  For fun, I tried on this hipster outfit. There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to walk outside looking like that. Nope. Not me.

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Acacia:  I don’t wear many dresses, and I felt exposed in the first outfit I tried on. I went upstairs to search for something more suitable for me. I found a business suit, and a nice sweater and pants. Although I am not one for fancy clothes, if I had to buy anything from this store, it would probably be one of these two.

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Acacia:  The business suit was fun! Definitely a different look for me…but those heels! I am only accustomed to wearing flat shoes. The second outfit was more my speed.

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Grant:  This was so fun! I used to love shopping when I was in high school. I used to believe that clothes made you, but the bigger I got, the more I was interested in hiding myself than adorning myself with awesome threads.

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Grant:  I used to be kind of a hipster, he he.

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Grant:  Oh yeah! I’m back, baby!

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Well! The contestants most certainly had a lot of fun today! Hopefully they all came away with an extra boost of confidence…they’ll need it for tomorrow! See ya then!

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