Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep14

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Nico:  Good morning, Braylon. Did you sleep well?

Braylon:  Hi! Yes, I did, thank you!

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Grant:  I suppose Nico’s crush on Braylon is kinda cute. He’s like a puppy around her.

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Nico:  You looked really nice in your outfits yesterday. They all suited you well.

Braylon:  (giggling) You’re full of compliments this morning!

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Braylon:  How do I feel about Nico? Well, I’m not sure! He’s definitely a very nice guy…kinda sweet, actually. Nothing wrong with that, right?

The contestants were instructed to eat and take care of all of their needs before noon. They all had breakfast, showered, and relieved themselves. Some watched TV and other danced, but when noon came, they were instructed to go to room 113 in the studio below.

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Sugar:  Surprise! I bet you were expecting me and all these goodies, huh? Welcome to the first challenge of the week! I know you’re wondering why you’re here. When you get home, you will be tempted in so many ways. This is a temptation challenge! It’s very simple. You will be locked in this room for the next five hours. For every treat you eat, we will deduct one vote from you on voting night. Any questions? Good! Good luck…I’m glad it’s not me, he he he.

The space was two room separated by a doorway. The room with the sweets in it was also decorated with junk food inspired artwork. The other room was decorated with junk food inspired wallpaper. There was no way our contestants would not be tempted in any part of that room, and this was going to be tough.

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[author’s note:  I thought it would be fun for you all to know that everything that occurred from this point was 100% autonomous.]

The first thing our contestants decided to do was get out of the room with the sweets!

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They tried talking to keep their minds off the devil in the next room. That worked for a while, but we can see some of their spirits growing weary.

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Suddenly, Acacia got up and went into the other room! Grant couldn’t believe it.11-01-15_2_39_35 PM

When she realized what she was doing, she turned around and went back to the couch.

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Acacia:  I am not sure what came over me! I’m usually in control but…I do not know what happened.

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Braylon:  ”Nicooo, your beard is so well-trimmed!”

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Nico:  Uh oh…someone was watching the romance channel before we came down here. I won’t complain.

After a while, our contestants began to get restless.

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Luckily, someone told a funny joke that helped take everyone’s mind off the devil in the next room.

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They even tried having deep discussions.

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But, eventually, the inevitable happened.

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Grant:  What are we doing, man?

Nico:  Just coming to check everything out? Make sure it’s still here?

Grant:  Yeah right. Look, if we’re gonna do this, let’s do it in a way that ensures a favorable outcome for all of us.

Nico:  I’m listening…

Grant:  Well, for every play we eat, we get a negative vote, right? So, if we all had just one plate, it would even out the losses and we’ll all be on the same playing field come voting time!

Nico:  I like the way you think. Do you think the girls will do it? I’ll be they’re stronger than we are.

Grant:  There’s only one way to find out!

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Nico:  Ladies…we have a proposition for you.

Acacia:  What is it?

Nico:  We will only do this unless you both join us. If we all have one plate, none of us will be at a disadvantage on voting day. It’ll be like this challenge didn’t exist!

Braylon:  Gosh, you guys are so smart! What an excellent plan! Acacia?

Acacia:  Well…I must admit it is quite brilliant. It feels a bit mischievous, but an excellent plan indeed!

Nico:  Great! Now…which one should we eat?

Grant:  Probably the one with the least amount of sugar?

Braylon:  The donut holes! They’re not glazed, and the donut part isn’t very sugary.

Nico:  Ok! It’s decided. We all get one plate of donut holes. If anyone else wants to eat anything else after this, you’re on your own.

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Grant:  This was the best idea ever!

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After their not-so-sugary snack, Braylon, Acacia, and Grant decided to remain at the table and talk while Nico tried to sleep through the rest of this time stuck in that room.

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Braylon had enough temptation and joined Nico and watched TV.

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When he woke up, they took a selfie.

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Grant and Acacia talked in the sweet room while Nico and Braylon talked in the living room. Within a couple hours, time was up, and I came to set them free…but not without getting a few goodies myself, he he he.

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12 thoughts on “Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep14”

  • This just might be my favorite Boot Camp chapter yet! I love how smart they were! Oh, Sims! Don’t you just love it when they have their own plots they want to spin? And really sweet how the Nico/Braylon thing is developing. (I also swoon over Acacia every time I see her–she’s just so sweet!)

    • OH! About the Nico/Braylon thing…I’m loving it too because it’s so natural! At first, his whims were generic: “make a friend,” “chat with someone,” etc. Then they started being geared toward his roommates. Then they all started going toward her! First it was “chat with Braylon,” “be friendly to Braylon.” Then it was like “be funny with Braylon.” Then finally it was like “flirt with Braylon,” and I was like whaaaaaaaaat? 😀 I let him do whatever he wants to do because it’s just so darn cute! She’s very receptive toward him, but she hasn’t shown any interest yet. She always wants to talk to Sugar.

      • Bray looked a little flirty in that cupcake room! You said it was the TV, though. I love this type of romance best–it’s the only one my Sims go for anymore because it just makes them so happy!

        • Oh yeah. She was watching flirty TV after breakfast. Ummm…Grant always has it on that station, he he. (he’s romantic) He’s actually had a few flirt with whims for Braylon too, but I won’t let him do it seeing as how his backstory includes a fiance.

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