Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – S1 Ep4

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Welcome back to Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! I am still your host, and you may still call me Shug. This week, we slow things down a bit and get into the heart of the matter. I won’t spoil it for you…just watch!


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After breakfast, I asked everyone to meet me in the common area upstairs.

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Jayda:  I was so sick. It really scared me. I thought I may have been having some issues with my heart again! It’s too early in the competition to go home now! I just can’t go home. Not now, at least. I’ve got work to do!

Acacia:  So, Shug…what have you brought us all up here for?

Sugar:  Are we all here? Four, five, si…ok! Let’s get started.

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Sugar:  Today, we are going to take a short hiatus from your workouts to–

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Grant:  No workouts today??

Jayda:  Girl…you sweet and all, Shug, but we didn’t come here to talk! We came here to get skinny!

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Nico:  Honestly? I was kinda glad not to be working out this morning. What we’re doing to ourselves is great, but it’s not natural.

Sugar:  If I could finish my sentence, please…thank you. We are going to take a brief hiatus…meaning ‘after these messages, we’ll be right back!’ Ok? You will have your workout with Brady this evening. Now…I know some of you don’t think that talking about your issues isn’t helpful. But, honestly, if you want to get the results you want and keep them, you need to fix your brain and not your body. Losing weight is easy. You burn more calories than you take in. But the battle in your mind is where you will keep losing. Now, we’re going to be doing this off and on throughout the whole 4 weeks. It took us many years to train our brains to think they way it does, so it’s gonna take many conversations to retrain it. Now…I know what you’re thinking:  All of you won’t be here for 4 weeks, so what if you don’t have your breakthrough moment while you’re here? Don’t worry about that. Everyone can have their moment, whether it is here or at home. Viv and I will make ourselves available to you for a time if you go home. Ok! Let’s start by sharing our stories. We’ve only got three hours until your workout, so we won’t have time for everyone. Who wants to go first?

Jayda:  I do!

Sugar:  Great! So, how did you end up here?

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Jayda:  Well, y’all know I have four children and a husband. I take excellent care of them, but I leave myself out of the equation. I’m always on the go with the kids, so I eat junk all the time. They’re still young, so I can’t really leave them to themselves, so I don’t have time to exercise because there’s always homework to do, fights to break up, recitals to attend, playdates to arrange, and then my husband has to fit in there too! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get home! Anyway, I started to get sick all the time, and my husband thought it was because I was running myself ragged. I thought it was just stress and kept going. The sicker I got, the more furious he became. He threatened to leave a few times, and all those times I promised I would change, but I didn’t. So, here we are on the brink of separation again, and I end up in the hospital. I had a heart attack, y’all! I’m 33! This happened last year. My husband was right there when I got out of surgery, crying. He told me that if I didn’t change, he was gonna take the kids from me so they wouldn’t have to watch me kill myself. That was my wake up call. It took me almost dying and the threat of losing my children to get me to see the light.

Sugar:  Wow! What an amazing story, Jayda! Let’s give her a hand for being brave enough to go first.

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Alex:  I had to admit…I thought she was just a loudmouth who liked the spotlight, but…wow…she really has an amazing story!

Sugar:  Now, Jayda, I know Viv will definitely want to talk to you about this more one-on-one, but I’m just going to say that you’re going to have to create some margin in your life if you ever want to be successful at taking care of yourself. And, as a mom, I know this will be hard to hear, but you need to put yourself first from time to time. Ok?

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Jayda:  Mmmmmm…I suppose. I will definitely need to get some advice from Viv.

Sugar:  And that’s ok! All right…who wants to go next?

Nico:  I guess I will.

Sugar:  Thank you, Nico!

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Nico:  Well…my parents weren’t happy with each other, and just after high school, my mom divorced my dad and married someone else. The guy didn’t know she was married and came by the house to see her. That was the first time my dad knew about him. She divorced him right on the spot, and then this dude proposed to her right in our living room right in front of my dad!

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Jayda:  [gasp] Oh no he didn’t!

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Nico:  Yes he did. It was cool though. He made my mom happy, so that’s all I cared about. Anyway, they got married, and I really missed my mom. My dad was already crazy, but he was angry all the time after mom left, so I went to live with them. They had my little brother, and then mom died. That was really really really tough. I mean, I liked that Cody–my stepdad–made my mom happy, but I didn’t know the man like that. It was awkward, and weird, but we had to forget about all that and raise my little brother Evan together. Evan was the heir. But Cody was very lonely and started looking for another wife, so he wasn’t around a lot. Me and my little brother spent a lot of time together and got really close. He always asked me about what mom was like. It was painful but comforting in a strange way to talk about her. Anyway, Evan grew up and got himself a girlfriend and I helped him out sometimes. I told him that if he wanted to keep his girlfriend, he should lose some pounds because he was a chunky little dude. So we started working out together, but my plan backfired on him because his girlfriend liked him being all fluffy and stuff because she was fluffy too, and she broke up with him. They had other issues too, but he was so mad at me. They eventually got back together and got married when they graduated, but I think I always felt so guilty about it because I was supposed to be looking out for him. On top of that, his dad died, and he was all messed up then. I found myself always making sure he was all right, so I guess I just put myself on the back burner.

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[applause from the group]

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Acacia:  Wow…these stories are just so inspiring to me. I don’t have a story half as dramatic as those two, but I suppose that just goes to show that it takes all kinds! Dramatic stories, sweet stories, sad stories…stories make the world go ’round!

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Braylon:  I understand what Nico went through. My dad died when we were just kids. Sadness makes you do unhealthy things…like eat!

Sugar:  Sounds like you and Jayda are in the same boat! And, I’m so sorry for your loss. It know it was recent. We have time for one more…anyone?

Alex:  I’ll go. Mine is short.

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Alex:  Well…I’m tryna find a wife so we can start a legacy together. I know I’m not overweight, but that don’t automatically make me fit! I’m as skinny as a wet rat, and the ladies automatically think I’m a wimp and can’t protect them. But I’m no wimp. I want to get buff so the ladies won’t dismiss me before they even meet me. I want to look like Brady!

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Acacia:  I think that’s the most sensible thing he’s said all week!

Sugar:  Thank you for sharing, Alex! Come on guys, honesty is the best policy, and that was very honest. Give it up for him!

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Sugar:  All right! We are out of time for our first session, and I am so desperately looking forward to hearing from the rest of you and speaking with the others more intimately later on. Ok! To the gym!

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Sugar:  Here you go, Brady! these highly determined people were very sad that they missed you this morning and anxiously await your crazy rants!

Brady:  Oh, did they, now? Be careful what you ask for, folks!

Sugar:  Whip them into shape, Brady! Good luck everyone! Work hard, and remember your goals.

Brady:  All right, people! LET’S GET TO WORK!!

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Braylon:  How is it that I just pumped iron and feel so energized?

Sugar:  Well, when you do it right, you should feel energized! Look up the process called ATP when you get a chance. If you feel tired after working out, you’ve done too much.

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Nico:  I feel skinny.

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Acacia:  Oh yeah! I’m feeling so energized, I’m gonna go for a jog!

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Brady:  What are you doing, Grant?

Grant:  I’m [grunt] working out [grunt] again!

Brady:  Why?

Grant: I feel so energized, raaaaaaa, I just want to keep going. uhhhhhhn

Brady:  Heh, I think you’re trying to look like me in just one day. I know the vote is coming up, and you want to have the best results as possible, but if you want to last all four weeks, you’re gonna have to pace yourself. You don’t want to be in the position of still being here with no weight to lose or muscle mass to gain. You’re already a very muscular dude. I would suggest not doing this every night. And…take a hot bath tonight or your muscles will be screaming in the morning.

Grant:  Yes sir! Thanks for the advice.

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Acacia and Grant weren’t the only ones who wanted to burn off that extra energy!

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Acacia:  Did you see that lady? What was her deal?

Jayda:  Yeah…I saw her looking at me. She was just jealous. When you look as good as we do, you’re always gonna have haters!

Acacia:  Ha! True!

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Tune in next week for the contestant’s last challenge and last chance workout before the vote!

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