Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp – Season One Finale

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Goooood evening, everyone! Welcome to the season finale of Crazy Brady’s Boot Camp! I am your host, Sugar Maple Bough, and I am so excited to be sharing this very stage with the creative visionaries themselves, Brady and Viviana Pruett! Let’s give it up for them!

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We have so much to talk about with the contestants before we announce who the winner is, so let’s get them out here and get started! First, let’s meet the new and improved Nico Battle!

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And the ever so lovely Acacia Bough!

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And the handsome Grant Parker!

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First of all, I just want to say that the three of you are STUNNING! You all should be very proud of yourselves for what you have accomplished. Let’s give them another round of applause!

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Thank you, everyone. Please be seated. So, guys…everyone is dying to know how everything went on your “vacation!” I must start with Acacia. What were you thinking in this moment?

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Acacia: Heh… Well…this definitely was not a moment I can be proud of…

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Sugar: Walk us through your thoughts.

Acacia: That was within the hour of our arrival. I had not completely realized the purpose of the trip then. In that moment, I was on vacation camping in the woods, and I did what I always did when I go camping. That was when I remembered the conversation I had with Brady about my confidence. He was right about me.

Sugar: The expression on your face is very telling! What were you saying to yourself?

Acacia: I was wondering why I was out there roasting marshmallows. I was on auto-pilot and responding to old instructions, but I had not yet programmed new ones. I was feeling a bit ashamed. Sadly, that was only the first time.

Sugar: You’re right about that, but we’ll see how you were affected by it later. In the same vein, what were you saying to Nico here?

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Acacia: I was just trying to warn him. I said, “Do you really want to do that?”

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Sugar: That was kind of you. We’ll see later on if that stopped him. Speaking of Nico…let’s go to him. First of all, you look amazing! What inspired this complete makeover?

[audience applauding]

Nico: Thank you…thank you everyone…

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I just thought it would be appropriate, you know? I’ve got a new attitude, new body, new habits, new friends…why not get a new look? I may even take some youth potion when I get home so I can enjoy all of this a bit longer.

Sugar: That is truly wonderful, Nico. Your new look definitely suits you well! So, tell us…are you any good at horseshoes?

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Nico: Not at all.

Sugar: You certainly looked like you had a strategy! Do you play much?

Nico: Nope. That was my first time. I didn’t go camping as a child. When I was older and raising my little brother, I didn’t take him either. He was more into girls.

Sugar: What were you thinking about when you dropped the marshmallow?

Nico: He he, I felt like I lost §5. I was so ready for it, and it just tumbled right off the stick.

Sugar: And then Acacia laughed at you!

Nico: She did.

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Sugar: All in good fun, right? I see that you were ill for a bit. Were you ok?

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Nico: Oh yeah, it was nothing. I’m not sure whether I was contagious or Grant caught something out there too, but he broke out into a rash when he came near me.

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Sugar: We are certainly glad you both had nothing serious. Let’s catch up with Grant now. How are you doing tonight?

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Grant: I’m doing quite well, thank you.

Sugar: Do you want to say something to Clarice?

Grant: I love you so much, and I’ve missed you terribly. I can’t wait to get home to you!

Sugar: I’m sure she feels the same way! Tell us about this moment.

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Grant: Oh boy. I had just eaten three marshmallows in a row. I ate them so fast. I think because I’m not used to eating sugar anymore my body was just like whoa! I had a terrible stomachache.

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Sugar: Oh yes. Good ol sugar rush! I see the mosquitos were having a good time with you three. Have you camped much in the past?

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Grant: Yeah, I used to be in the Boy Scouts, but we always had repellant. I was so glad when Acacia made some. It was getting to be a bit much!

Sugar: Thank you, Grant, and Nico and Acacia for indulging us. Before we get to the main event, Brady and Viv…I know you have some things you like to share first.

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Brady: Oh yes, of course! This has been a very enjoyable experience for us. Watching you guys grow and flourish and learn new things, seeing your bodies transform…it’s been a real blessing! I know they call me crazy, but you guys are the crazy ones! Who signs up to walk away from your family and friends for a month to go get tortured by a crazy guy and his wife to lose weight? That’s crazy! But, that’s what winners do! All the best people are crazy.

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Viviana: I wasn’t around as much as I had planned, and for that I am sorry. I thank the Watcher for you, Sugar, for stepping in when I wasn’t available. I think you deserve an applause!

Sugar: Oh, stop it, you guys. Sit down!

Viviana: I have also enjoyed watching your journey. I am proud of all of you, and I am still proud of the ones who did not make it this far. My hope for you is that you would continue to practice what you’ve learned and teach your family and friends. We can make the world a healthier place!

Sugar: A healthier place indeed. Ok, before we get started, let’s take a peek at everyone’s before and after pictures!

Sugar: Wow! Look at yourselves! Can you believe that this was you four weeks ago? This is truly amazing, and you’re not proud of yourself yet, then you should be right now!

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All right folks…we’ve come to the end! It is time to find out who the grand prize winner is! Just to remind our audience, the third place winner receives a home gym! Second place, §25,000 and a photoshoot! And the grand prize? Motherlode, Jr. Solar System Trophy, and a shopping spree! Let’s not delay any further! Acacia! You have maxed out your muscle mass and still have 10% body fat to lose. You ate four marshmallows while you were in Granite Falls. You have won…third place!

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Acacia: Thank you so much.

Sugar: Congratulations, Acacia! Grant and Nico…both of you have lost all your body fat. Grant, you have maxed out your muscle mass…Nico, you still have 5% to gain. Nico…you ate two marshmallows… Grant…you ate three. Grant Parker…you have won…second place!

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Grant: Second place?! I got second place??

Sugar: Yes! Congratulations!

Grant: This rocks! Thank you!

Sugar: And, Nico, this of course means that you are the winner! You’ve won the grand prize! Congratulations!!

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Nico: Oh wow. I…I don’t know what to say. Thank you, definitely, but…wow! Unbelievable.

Sugar: Don’t say anything! Let us say it all. Everyone, come join us in the VIP Lounge!

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Brady: Ok, everyone! I want to do a toast to the man of the hour! Everyone, raise your glasses…

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To Nico! And his health, prosperity…and perhaps a future relationship he he he. May your life be long and full of happiness, laughter, and fun. But, most of all, may you always have wonderful friends who have your best interests at heart and will be with you through the good times as well as the bad. To Nico!

Everyone: To Nico!

Nico: Thank you, everyone…

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…I still don’t know what to say. I will always remember this experience and carry you all in my heart. I consider all of you to be my friends, and I hope that in some way we will always stay connected. Thank you.

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Jess: Hello, Nico. Congratulations! I’m Jess To—ehhh, Jessica Brown. I’m the president, CEO, and everything else of the J2G Network. It’s a pleasure to meet you face to face!

Nico: Oh! My…the pleasure is all mine! This night is just full of surprises!

Jess: I would absolutely love it if you would give me the pleasure of interviewing you on Wednesday! Everyone would love to know how you feel about winning and what your next steps are.

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Nico: Of course I will. I suppose you’re really the one I should thank for this opportunity, eh?

Jess: Ohhh, well…you could say that. Come by the studio around 8:00. This is going to be great!

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  • I’m so glad Nico won! If it weren’t for those marshmallows, I bet Grant would’ve won, hehe.

    I don’t think I’ve seen your Simself before, and before she introduced herself, I was thinking, did someone check ID on that rogue Sim there?

    I can’t wait for Wednesday’s interview!

    • No seriously. Grant and Nico were neck and neck! Thank goodness for those marshmallows or we could have had a tie!
      Oh! You never saw my Simself? She pops up here and there lol. I started playing with her again a few weeks ago, so there were a few rogue posts with her and her “sisters” popping up lol. I actually just got finished writing the interview! I think you’ll like it.

  • Congratulations Nico! How perfect is that? So excited to see what comes next. Congrats to Grant, too!

    Thanks so much for giving Sugar and Acacia these opportunities to shine and for taking such great care of them! 🙂 This was very, very fun!

  • Yaaaaaay! Congrats on an awesome series.

    So excited for the top 3…and for everyone. They worked so hard 🙂

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