Creative Juices

It just occurred to me that those of you who did not find this story via The Sims 4 forums do not get an opportunity to see the banners I make! If you’ve followed this story for a while, you’ve noticed that I enjoy a visually stunning experience. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about Photoshop, so editing the screenshots and creating things like this helps me do that. I’m not as good as I’d like to be, but I can’t deny my progress! Anyway, these banners go in my signature to let people know where to find the Pruetts. Enjoy!

(click to see bigger pics and full caption)

Where Did They Go?
Extreme Makeover: Pruett Edition

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  • Seeing BJ and GNC made me a little teary.

    I’ve always adored your founder too. Kinda cute, kinda always smelling himself, but very determined and ambitious. It’s fun to see how the generations play out and to compare the heirs through your generations. They are all very distinct personalities, and you can follow the influences the previous generations have made on the current one. I may need to play my game on short life span.

    • If you look closer at that picture with BJ & GNC, it looks like they’re holding hands! Yeah, this legacy challenge has definitely been a CHALLENGE, but I’m glad things have worked out to where everything flows. Thanks for noticing!

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