F.I.S.H. – Season 3 Pre-Launch

Previously on F.I.S.H…

02-21-15_12-30 AM

“Whoooooa, Mellie! Slow down! You’ll choke.”

“What did I say about calling me Mellie,” she yelled with her mouth full.

“What’s wrong with Mellie? It’s a perfectly good nickname.”

“It’s country! And you only use it when you’re making fun of me. I don’t like it!”

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02-21-15_1-56 AM

“That’s your wife?”

“We’ve been married almost a year.”

“I’m gonna tell you like this…you won’t get no trouble from me, but if you mess up…I’m gonna hit that. I’m just saying.”


02-21-15_3-31 AM

“Let’s talk about F.I.S.H.”


“F-I-S-H…F.I.S.H. The Sims Intelligence Agency has many branches, as you could imagine. The branch we work for is the Federal Investigations of Sinister Henchman. We call it F.I.S.H. for short. Like I said, the SIA has many branches. Some branches go after the big fish, and some go after the small fries. We go after the small fries, hence the henchman and not their bosses. Because of that, this has nothing to do with us, but for context purposes, there is an international crime ring that calls themselves MorcuCorp. The headquarters is in Al Simhara, Egypt, and the big fish’s name is Layla Lufti. She’s someone else’s problem. But, if we can take out her worker bees, it will make it easier for the other branch to get her. We got some information about someone right here in Willow Creek who may be working with one of her associates. Now, the problem is, we don’t exactly know who these henchman are. We have an idea, but that’s where we’ll need your help.”

“You’ve got the wrong guy, Guy. I’m going home to my family. We’re getting out of here! I’ll protect them without all of this craziness.”

02-21-15_3-35 AM

“Good luck to you, River. I hope they don’t find you…wherever you’re going.”

“Find me? What would they want with me? Or Melody? How did we get tangled up in some Egyptian crime ring? What do they do anyway??”


“Tell your wife and whoever that you’ve joined a fisherman’s league called F.I.S.H. You can make up what it stands for. Tell her that you’ll be teaching fishing classes at the university during the week. As far as I’m concerned, I liked the whole neighborhood association thing. Let’s go with that. Any questions?”

“What if I can’t do this? What if I’m not good at lying to her…or my son? What if I get weird with my friends?”

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02-21-15_3-15 AM

“Hey, little guy! In a couple of hours, I won’t be able to hold you like this any more. When you get bigger, I’ll teach you how to fish, and we’ll go camping and do man stuff together!”


03-18-15_8-28 PM

“Riv…are you sure you want to take this job? I know you said dreams change, but I don’t agree. I don’t see how one day you want to be a fisherman and then the next day you’re a professor.”

“I know you don’t understand it, but…I promise it’s for the best.”

“But…I don’t need the best. I just want you to be happy. Is this going to make you happy?”

“Honestly, bae, I have no idea. I really hope so, but I have to do this.”


04-25-15_11-31 AM

“I’m so glad you’re here, mom. I don’t know what I would do if you were still back home.”

“Mel…don’t you have any friends here?”


“You should make some. Go out and find yourself some ladies who are also stay-at-home moms. I have a job, and I won’t be able to hang out with you all the time.”

“But, meeting people is so hard sometimes!”

Life is hard, baby. You’ll be fine. You should always have people around your age who aren’t related to you to talk to. Let’s go in here and see what they have.”

“Gabriella never came home!”

“Oh my Watcher!

04-25-15_1-18 PM

“Wh-what happened to her?!”

“She got abducted right in the school yard!”


04-25-15_2-24 PM

“Zoe? I didn’t know you worked at the hospital.”

“Yeah, I just started.”


08-06-15_7_47 PM-3

“Stefan…Maurice…let me tell you about being a man. Men are leaders. We provide for our families, take responsibility for our actions, and protect what we love. Men are supposed to work hard to accomplish these things because there are people relying on us. Do you like it when mom is here when you get home?”


“Well, some kids’ moms aren’t home because they’re at work. It takes a lot of money to keep a household running, and in most households, both the parents work. When I was growing up, I only had my mom. She had a lot of jobs and worked all the time. She wasn’t at home when I got off the bus, and I had to grow up quickly and learn to be responsible on my own. I had to let myself in the house, cook my own food, wash my own clothes…I don’t want you guys to grow up like that!”


08-06-15_8_04 PM-2

“Where is my husband, mom? I want my husband!”


08-06-15_9_48 PM

“Sweet plum juice,” Zoe yelled. “She is the most adorable thing!”


09-10-15_9_22 PM-2

“Yeah, man. Them girls…they change you! Make you crazy, but they get you all up in the feels, nah mean?”

Your daughter has a crush on my son, huh?”

“Ain’t that crazy? She’s so cute with it though. Always talkin’ ’bout Stefan this and Stefan that. Ay, don’t tell my wife I said ‘cute.’”

“Your secret is safe with me, man.”

“Your son is aight I guess. But ummm…if he messes with my baby? I don’t care who son he is. He goin’ down!”

09-10-15_9_29 PM


12-19-15_8_50_30 PM

“Hey pretty lady! Naw, I haven’t seen your husband in months, man. I was beginning to think we weren’t friends anymore or something. Everything aight between you?”



12-19-15_9_58_08 PM

“This isn’t what you want, bae. This isn’t how you want to live. Don’t ask me to go.”

“I already did.



12-19-15_10_07_24 PM

“Is this real?”

“Yup. Just got it from central a few hours ago.”

F.I.S.H. - Season 3 Teaser

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