F.I.S.H. – 3.22 Not the Same

Harmony was not the same after the kidnapping, naturally. Several times per night, she awoke screaming, covered in sweat, and panting as if she had been running for her life. Even during the day, she was easily spooked by any and every sound coming from outside and whatever room she wasn’t in. Melody was constantly in full on mommy mode as the child never left her side.

Despite River’s reassurance of their safety, Melody didn’t buy it. “If we’re safe, why do we have to uproot ourselves and move Watcher knows where?” She made valid points and was very nervous about Harmony being in public. In the end, River could not help but agree with her. They decided to keep her out of school until they moved, barring she could still complete the schoolwork.

She understood the situation and knew the facts, but sometimes it was so easy to lash out and blame River. “None of this would have happened if you didn’t take this job!” It wasn’t true, and she knew it. She often thought of Olivia and Gabriella. Without the job, Harmony could have been just another missing girl with no hope of ever being found. The incident was just an unfortunate side effect of the job. River did the best he could to protect them, and he had.

Melody found herself falling into the same trap most mothers find themselves in during a crisis. She blamed herself. If only she hadn’t sent Harmony back into the hotel room by herself. If only she had taken her to the public bathroom instead. If only she had been more firm about waiting until they got home. If only, if only, if only. River tried to stop her from spiraling into the deep pit of self-deprecation, but it seemed an impossible feat. The road to recovery for the Pitts family stretched far ahead of them and seemed to only go uphill. None of them were the same and longed to awake from the nightmare.


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