Fish, or Cut Bait

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“Whoa! How long have you been standing there? Can I help you?”

“The name is Guy, and that’s all you need to know. Are you expecting your wife to come out here anytime soon?”

“How do you know I’m married? What do you want with her??”

“Well, the thing is, River…guys who wear wedding rings typically have wives to show for it.”

“Oh. Right. How do you know my name, and what do you want with Melody?”

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“We’ve been watching you, and we’re prepared to make you an offer. You could refuse it…but, you shouldn’t.”

“Who is we?!”

“Oh, just a little organization that keeps the world in order called the Sims Intelligence Agency.”

“The SIA?! What do you want with me?”

“Like I said, we’ve been watching you, and we like what we see. You have character. You’re driven. You operate by principle. We could use guys like you in our line of work.”

“Ha! You want me to be a spy? I’m a fisherman. I fish all day. I’m not sure what you’ve been looking at, but I’m not seeing it. And how do I know you’re not just some wack job trying to pull my chain?”

“Your name is River Pitts. River Sebastian Pitts. You were born at Twinbrook Foundation Hospital. You were raised in the Suburban Temple lot in Twinbrook by your single mother, Elloise Parker. She had a friend you called Uncle Henry who taught you to fish when you were eight years old. You are an only child. You and Melody were high school sweethearts. She was born in her childhood estate to Giancarlo and Bianca Sheridan. She is a twin…should I go on, River?”

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“Ok, ok…ok. I get it. You know everything about me. Why me?”

“You see…Plumbob Pictures always paints spying in a bad light. There’s the innocent kid who just graduated high school who gets recruited for the greater good but is really working for an evil black ops team. I get that. Not only is that not what we’re about, but also, it’s not even real! We are all about keeping Sims safe and keeping the evil ones out of the way.”

“It sounds dangerous. We’re expecting a baby any day now!”

“I would be lying if I said that the job was not dangerous. There is some level of danger. But, you’re an active guy. We offer the finest physical training in all of SimNation. Physical fitness is one of our core values. We offer a very competitive salary. Your family will be very well taken care of if anything should happen to you…”

“Ok, that’s all good and everything, but what’s the catch? What’s the job?”

“First, you need to trust that we are not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Second, you can’t talk to your wife or anyone about this…ever. Third, you need to decide if you’re really going to be able to give your family the kind of life they deserve on just proceeds from fishing. Is all that time you spend away from them really going to be worth it? Finally, you need to decide if you want to be part of a team whose sole purpose is to protect the lives innocent Sims around the world. When you decide those things, we’ll talk again in detail.”

He turned around, walked away, and left River completely confused, but completely torn. As a man of principle, he couldn’t just ignore what Guy had to say. How could he potentially miss out on saving the world? The whole reason he and Melody were living in this house was because he wanted a better life for his family. But how could he keep this from his her? He needed to talk to her…without talking to her. As he was approaching the house, she was coming out with the trash.

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“Hey babe! Who was that?”


To lie or not to lie. That is a serious question. Is it ok to be deceitful for the greater good?

“…he was…just a guy…from the neighborhood association.”

Living in a Fish Bowl

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