Generation 1 Song

Although I’m technically done answering questions for the Pruett Legacy After Party, there is still one question that remains unanswered. What songs would I ascribe to all the generations? This is tough, but fun. It’s tough because of the way I wrote this story. Most of the generations are divided into two pieces: wrapping up the end of the previous generation and beginning the new. I’ll try and pick just one song wherever possible, but I think what I’ll end up doing is picking songs per couple or situation or…something. We’ll see! I know you’ll enjoy whatever I end up doing. 🙂

Generation one is easy! It’s only six chapters and is about one thing lol. The song I have chosen is “Heavy” by PJ Morton featuring Adam Levine. Although Xavier left his mother’s house on bad terms and deserved to struggle a bit, at some point, life really did begin to get heavy on him. He eventually got his head on straight and began to get his life on track, but things didn’t go like he wanted. It took a very long time for him to find the right woman with whom he would begin this legacy. And when he found her, she gave him a very hard time. This is what made me think of this song. Enjoy!

Pruett Legacy After Party - Bonus Material
Generation 4 Song

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