Generation 4 Song

I should probably do these in order, but songs are coming to me at random. At first I was gonna hang on to them until I got all the songs together, but…meh. You’ll get them as they come, so here are three more coming your way.

This was one of the most fun generations to write. I loved Aiden so much. Generation 3 ended with the crazy world-wind romance and marriage of Aiden and Dulce, and the long awaited wedding of Ava and Jaxson. We began this generation with both wives getting pregnant at the same time–which was crazy. We found Aiden crazy in love with his first born, Jasmine, and spent a lot of time gushing about her. Then he had other children, and things got really crazy–especially when they hit the teen years. And then when Jasmine moved her boyfriend in without permission and got pregnant, and Aiden was done. So, the only song that would be appropriate for this generation would be “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

Generation 1 Song
Generation 5 Song

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