Generation 5 Song

Generation 5 was one the darkest yet awesome times in the Pruett family. At the beginning, we had the end of the crazy generation and all of the children settling down and beginning their families. Brittany, Bianca, and Brandon were born. Jayden and Maliyah got divorced which was brewing throughout the beginning and middle of this generation. The effects of it went all the way to the end which brought about the beginning of a very beautiful relationship between Bianca and Giancarlo. In the background, we had Jared and Asia trying to hold the family together while also making sure things remained fresh in their own relationship. I thought of the perfect song for this generation that addresses all of these situations! The name of the song is “Make Time for Love” by my most favorite artist of all time, Fred Hammond!

Clearly, Jayden and Maliyah should have made time for love although they should have had a lot more deep conversations while they were dating. Jared and Asia were a good example of what happens when you do make time for love in the midst of trials; their love remained strong until the very end. Finally, Bianca’s story goes in a different direction but the song still suits her. At first, she was not willing to make time for love. But, when she did, she found that it did make everything better. Enjoy this song…although it’s kinda sad lol.

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